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Willy jokes...


War Hero
Went for a check up for testicular cancer last week.

A little Thai nurse cupped my balls and said "don't worry, it's quite normal to get an erection during this procedure"

I said "I haven't got an erection"

She said "no, but I have"

__________________________________________________ ___________

The missus asked me why I always start to sing when the end of my penis entered her during sex.

I said "cos I feel like a pop star love"

"oh really" she said, "which one"

"Just in beaver"



Book Reviewer
Programme right up your street next week on Sky Arts, Ladyboys, they have a 6 part series about there lifestyle in Thailand.


War Hero
Programme right up your street next week on Sky Arts, Ladyboys, they have a 6 part series about there lifestyle in Thailand.

Jan baby "how do you know", do you google for it.;-)

Extremely worried, Staffordshire.
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