william wales


Prince William already sports the Golden Jubilee Medal. He now has a Joint Services Achievement Medal for services to the US Coast Guard.
Will he be permitted to wear this foreign award alongside his Imperial one?
The H&D Committee members are now busily faxing and phoning each other to ensure that the rules be bent in his case.

"This powerful secretive but completely unaccountable Commmittee" Hansard Column 322 21 May 2008 whose grand title is The Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals, came to the conclusion that
their made-up rules did not permit the Maylasian Government's award of the PJM to be worn alongside Imperial ones.

We will now witness hypocrisy and double-standards at their abject worst
Well you could raise the matter with the Ceremonial Secretariat, Cabinet Office, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ. Telephone: 020 7276 2777 if you wanted.

The link below may also prove useful.

The real question is what legal footing do they have to be inconsistent? What are the rules governing their conduct and could their inconsistency be challenged through judicial review (expensive!)?


The H&D Committee, an existing 1930's Quango answers to no-one.
They rarely meet officially -with no minutes taken when they do .
They are un-elected ,partial and yield to the privileged.
Prince William will get his US medal
Complain? Try=You will experienceCabinet obfuscation at its most objectionable.
Phones will be ringing amongst the Committees 7 members agreeing that its own made-up rules will be put to one side in William's case.