William Wales and protocoil

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dickhead, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. The HD Committee --The Inter- Departmental Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals (Eight un-elected Civil Servants) have decided that Prince William will be permitted to wear his Joint Services Achievement Medal --For services to the US Coastguard-- to be worn alongside his Imperial Golden Jubilee Medal.
    This same un-elected Committee had earlier decided that those servicemen (and women?) who risked their lives in Borneo and Malaya would not be permitted to wear the Pinjat Jasa Malaysia Medal alongside their Imperial ones.
    This medal together with miniature and ribbon was awarded absolutely free of charge, by the Malaysian Government to those British and Nepalese who had served their country (indirectly) in the 1950's.
    So far as I am aware (willing to be put right) Not one of those eight Senior Civil Servants ( who enjoy several days in london in 5 star hotels deliberating on such things) have ever served in the armed Forces.
  2. You may be a ******** but it is certainly a pertinent question.
    Suppose Royal rank has its privileges including the more medals the merrier. :pukel:
  3. How kind! The cadaverous Redwood and Wokingham are softening you up.
  4. Is a "protocoil" a primitive form of contraception?
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    When he pops into the legion for a pint, you can put him right and inform him of the injustice of the ruling. :salut:
  6. A pretty fair point DH and one I suspect the powers that be would prefer that you don't make too much noise about. Shush now - there's a good lad.

    Seriously though - are you surprised?

  7. The poor? Royals!

    Listen if your Daddy had loadsa medals wouldn't you want a few.

    A few remarks made when his latest awards came couple of years back!

    I was in number 1 uniform at a ceremonial event recently (not Remembrance Day) and asked a colleague what the 4th medal on his chest was. I was extremely amused (and how I kept a straight face, I don't know) to learn it was his Securicor service medal. Delivering cash to ATMs under fire?
    David, Kent, UK

    Like many Scots I served in the jungles and swamps of Malaya in the late 50s yet the British Civil Service say that the Queen has refused me the right to wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia - an honourable medal awarded by the Supreme Head of the Federation of Malaysia. Yet the same Queen has given Australia and New Zealand veterans the right to wear it. What a funny old royal family we have in Britain.
    Andy Nicoll, Annan, Scotland

    The presence of the Canadian Decoration always amuses me - it is Canada's military Long Service award, given in HRH's case for long service as an honorary Colonel-in-Chief of some Canadian regiments. Those interested in such matters may wish to browse my medals of the world site.
    Megan, Cheshire UK

    It would be nice to have something to show for my eight years served in the RAF during the 60s. Or don't people think the Cold War was for real. Getting a Vulcan ready to fly at 3.00am in the middle of winter because of some Soviet bombers encroachment wasn't a lot of fun.
    Alison, Sydney, Australia

    Whilst I have no problem with Prince Charles wearing his honorary medals, I do wish the government were as keen to award the servicemen who have actually served in the forces with the medals that they are owed. Veterans of the Suez had to fight tooth and nail to get recognition for their service. Many men and women who were fortunate to serve at a time of relative peace have no visible recognition of their service to Queen and country. Time for the Government to redress that omission.
    Mick, Marlborough

    My father and little brother did tours of Northern Ireland and were given one simple general service medal, whilst a mate who served in the Falklands war was also given just the basic campaign medal. Recently, there has been an increase in made up, internet-available medals that are now being seen on unworthy chests during Remembrance Day events and I regard the wearers with utter contempt.
    Stewart, Dundee

    When Prince Harry passed out from Sandhurst he and William were wearing a medal each - what were those for?
    Don, Bristol

    I wish I had a breast-full of medals. I have been to most of the past and present areas of conflict in the 90s like Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo and also to Iraq on numerous occasions in the past couple of years, but only for short periods at a time. The rules state that you should be in a theatre of operations for at least a month without leaving to qualify for a medal. If you are there for 29 days and then leave, you are entitled to nothing. Fair or not?
    Simon, Carterton

    "He has neck orders, breast stars, medals, decorations and awards from another 18 other countries, many given to mark his birthdays." So they are just a posh version of those 'I am 5 years old' badges you get on children's birthday cards then?
    Liz, London
  8. Yes I am. despite my age I would have thought this sort of nonsense would long have been dispensed with. A Socialist Government that has done nothing to rid us of such inequalities. What say you?
  9. In the 60s Cadburys gave away something called a CDM. A medal for chocolate eaters. Well I never got awarded that medal but by devious means managed to get a rather large advertising version. It looked great on my overalls. However when fell in for the watch muster the duty PO told me to remove it. Now my name is also William and I feel most upset that it's one rule for a Royal Willie and another for a Common Willie :w00t:
  10. Oh come on now. Me thinks you've been on the sauce too long. I mean exactly how long have you thought this Government is socialist?

    They're no more socialist than most of the audience on this site. In the end it's always about what they can get out of the system for themselves before they're pushed out by the next lot.

    The screw the system as long as they can until they are replaced. Then they lie their arses off until they get the chance to get back to screwing us again.

  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Royalty :queen: and peasants :jocolor: .
  12. Not quite the savoury sauce you appear to have been on. Are you suggesting this New Labour government is not Socialist. What on earth are they then.? Pseudo Socialist? Communist? Pseudo Conservatives? They must stand for something surely.
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    That is genius, and true in much the same way that honours have just become like those little gold stars teacher gave you at school for being good in class.
  14. Not sure I quite understand "That is genius and true"
    Never received any gold stars but was permitted to collect the milk money for a few weeks during the Plymouth Blitz.. Or was it the Dinner Money?
  15. Not quite the savoury sauce you appear to have been on. Are you suggesting this New Labour government is not Socialist. What on earth are they then.? Pseudo Socialist? Communist? Pseudo Conservatives? They must stand for something surely.[/quote]


    Why does Gordon Brown always wear a Tory Blue Tie
  16. Your'e getting yoursef confused.
    The "pro" part means before and the "coil" a convoluted inter-uterine device. the "o " That means oral.
    What's primitive about that. Fred Flinstone would be mouth agape wondering what you were on about.
  17. Must have been dinner money DH. As far as I can recall, milk was free!
    (Well, it was in London anyway).
    Came in those dinkie little one-third-of-a-pint bottles.

  18. You're right . It was later on in Plymouth but I well remember my first day at school carrying my milk money 2 pence halfpenny in old money, falling and losing all twopenceha'penny in the drain. We "well-off "people paid for milk --at least in Plymouth. So far as School Dinners I think they started when I passed the scholarship in 1941. I can't remember if I paid for them or not. Not by choice, certainly-- as they arrived at our schooll in hayboxes about 9am having been cooked many hours before to be served at Mid-Day"Well Dear " My Mother would say " There is a war on"
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Dangerous precedent to set here IMHO. As you will know approval to wear foreign awards is granted by HMQ on an individual basis. Current level of entry for US medals is the Bronze Star - below that its not worth asking about. If bubbles is going to sport his much lesser gong then surely they are opening the way up for all to apply.
  20. For US Medals The Bronze Star"?
    For other countries?
    How many foreign medals does HRH Philip sport?
    No Bronze Medals (or equivalent) there I suggest but many others. Earl Mountbatten of Burma (The Kandy Dandy) No Bronze Stars there either but a proliferation of foreign medals worn alongside his Imperial ones. One rule for the rich....
    Wilson Calaghan Blair Brown
    These Socialist Governments never put an end to it. Hypocrisy writ large!!

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