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Dear all,

As you're probably aware, journo interest in the upcoming deployment is high.

Arrse has already been subjected to numerous trawls for information.

They are serving Officers in the Armed Forces, and I would hope we would extend the same courtesies that we would show any serving Officer or other rank as regards discussion on deployments or careers.

Therefore, I ask that you please refrain from any commentary on the Princes.

Any thread starters concerning them will be culled.



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William and Harry
Posted: 05 Apr 2007 17:07

I'm a dyed in the wool republican so this isn't been done because I'm a big fan of the monarchy. However, as members of the Armed Forces, the two princes are as entitled to the same confidentiality that we would afford any other serving soldier or officer. Any 'leaking' of information or gossip about the princes with regard to their military careers will be ruthlessly deleted, and the miscreant poster invited to commune with the mess Mk VI .455 Webley

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