will they or wont they?


cornish_jan said:
Gray said:
It followed Western media reports warning that Pakistan's nuclear weapons could fall into the wrong hands.
Thats my favourite quote from the article

and now if anything happens...that will b te reason why
the "wrong hands"...
i suppose if the US might feel they need to acquire more warheads to add to their collection.


He must be panicking as his time is nearly up!
Not much difference between him and Putin.

Both want to go out with a bang!
Good luck mate !
Still waiting on my entry date,
been told somewhen within May-July hah - soon I hope!
Cannot wait either !
You'll have to keep in touch and let me know what I'm in for ;)
To be honest I think Bush is playing it safe now. Its coming towards the end of his term in office and he wants to be remebered for the 'right reasons' not starting unpopular wars. I don't think he'll get to heavily involved in this

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