will they or wont they?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by cornish_jan, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. so what does eveyone think will happen in the east now this is happenng...conflict or no conflict?! i bet bush wet himself with excitement when he heard about this!

    pakistan raises nuclear state
  2. Thats my favourite quote from the article

  3. and now if anything happens...that will b te reason why
  4. First signs of it happening, then Uncle Sam will take em all out - they know where they are - and who's going to say DON'T ?
  5. yeah..
    the "wrong hands"...
    i suppose if the US might feel they need to acquire more warheads to add to their collection.
  6. haha yea...and carry on their 'covert' operation of world domination...i reckon thats what mr bush is up to....
  7. He must be panicking as his time is nearly up!
    Not much difference between him and Putin.

    Both want to go out with a bang!
  8. lol...carry on as they are and there will be a rathr large bang.....
  9. Hopefully not yet, I havent joined up!

    I want to be in the depths of the oceans before WW3 starts!
  10. i start tomorrow...et(me(sm))...so ill b under in the briny deep hopefully when all hell breaks loose...
  11. thats IF all hell breaks loose lol
  12. Hah fantastic! At Raleigh or as a SM, do you mean ?
  13. at raleigh lol..basic training begins 2morow....cant wait!!
  14. Good luck mate !
    Still waiting on my entry date,
    been told somewhen within May-July hah - soon I hope!
    Cannot wait either !
    You'll have to keep in touch and let me know what I'm in for ;)
  15. no problemo! im off now...get me z's in..big day 2morow...need to make sure i got everything haha! good luck 2 u!
  16. Good luck to all you newcomers - you're walking in big men's boots = make sure you're worthy of wearing them !!!!!!
  17. To be honest I think Bush is playing it safe now. Its coming towards the end of his term in office and he wants to be remebered for the 'right reasons' not starting unpopular wars. I don't think he'll get to heavily involved in this

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