Will the real "Prawo Jazdy" please stand up

Loved this story on tonight's BBC news and managed to Google this article:

Irish Times said:
Dictionary helps crack case of notorious Polish serial offender
Mac CORMAIC, Migration Correspondent

HE WAS one of Ireland’s most reckless drivers, a serial offender who crossed the country wantonly piling up dozens of speeding fines and parking tickets while somehow managing to elude the law.

So effective was his modus operandi of giving a different address each time he was caught that by June 2007 there were more than 50 separate entries under his name, Prawo Jazdy, in the Garda Pulse system. And still not a single conviction.

In the end, the vital clue to his identity lay not with Interpol or the fingerprint database but in the pages of a Polish-English dictionary. Prawo jazdy means driving licence...
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