Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ).

I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on?

I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan a holiday for the summer leave period.

Any information would be useful,
thanks in advance.


Quite possibly, would it not of been easier for yourself to not comment or better yet comment the first time with the answer instead of 2 useless and irrelevant replies?


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Useless and irrelevant isn't what I would call something that enables YOU to do the work and not have someone find the information for you.

Good luck at RAL with that attitude.


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I was going to put the leave dates up as well, as the OP thinks summer leave is for two weeks I'll leave it though (pun intended).

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