Will Speedy Huhne go Down?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 4, 2013.

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  2. For being a lying conniving scumbag and having tried to weasel out of it for such a long time I think he deserves more than just being made to sit on the naughty step - I might stop a bit short of public castration though.

    Whatever the decision it is to be hoped that this is the full and final end to his political career. I find it hard enough believing what MPs say as it is without knowing that he has already been caught bang to rights on a real porkie pie
  3. It would be good if he gets, not only a prison sentence, but has to pay all the dosh that has been spent on this case since he originally denied it and caused it to drag on for so long
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  4. Bastard, another Bye-Election. We dont half pick em in Eastleigh,the one last was found hanging with an apple in in his gob and a hard on and this one has pleaded guilty to being a pervert. I wonder what the next one will get up to?

    My apologies, it was an orange and he was wearing a dress
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  5. Your last MP was a Bootie?
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  6. I doubt he'll go down, these b-----ds look after their own. He will be a member of the right club or perhaps he rolls up his trouser leg.
  7. Lying bastard, deserves a heavy fine as well as custody.
  8. Whatever are you implying?

    I think he will get a custodial, perverting the course of justice is a serious offence and justice will have to be seen to be done.
  9. No doubt he will become a European Ambassador of some sort, write a book, speak on various Current Affairs programmes and be minted for life... CNUT !!!!
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do wish constituency associations were not so easily taken in.
  11. It doesn't get much worse than lying under oath for a politician. Without a doubt the end of his career. He'll stay quiet for a couple of years, write a book and then appear on I'm Big Brother's Celebrity Get Me Out Of Dancing or whatever the latest show is.
  12. Surprise surprise.............a poitician who lies..........makes you want to......:puke:

    Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that football matches are 'rigged'
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  13. I hope so on his cell bitch
  14. Say what you like but it takes a lot of nerve to lie to the Police,His constituents and all the members of the Lib Dems who have stood shoulder to shoulder with him as he tried every trick in the book to wriggle out from under the charge while he pleaded not guilty only to watch him change his plea to guilty as soon as the beak put his wig on.The next trick will be to ask for a suspended sentence because of the guilty plea but I think there is little chance of that given what has gone on up until now.
  15. BBC just asked him to appear on their evening tea time quiz Pointless
  16. He's lied, manipulated the legal system, betrayed his family........ the qualities of a bog standard MP.
    He should go down..............even if its for having a bird called Carina Trimingham...........sounds like a top of the range Toyota.
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  17. Today Toyota announced their new top of the range Trimingham after reading a post on Navy Net, They thanked Flagdeck and presented him with a new Trimingham, and 10 points on his licence
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  18. TJP


    The right honourable tree hugging rat should get time. And he would`nt be the first to get an ermine collar job after it !!
  19. She is a moose of the first order.
  20. The lying basturd is also entitled to £17k severence pay...................you couldn't make it up !

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