Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fly_past, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Do you think the Dockyard will survive, if not.... what will happen to the site (- and can i buy shares in it)?
  2. Well I think Portsmouth might.
  3. Where have you been for the past month or so?
  4. Well its got to survive now that theyre on about bringing 2 new aircraft carriers into service within the next couple of years!!!!!!!!

    And all the extra jobs this is going to create!
  5. I think they should have a re-gig of the surface fleet assets. All Amphibious shipping (including the RFA's) shoud go to Devonport, Carriers to Rosyth(excuse spelling) and Frigates/Destroyers to Pompey. Maybe then split the smaller ships between them. Also Base the 3 CDO units in the naval bases. Jobs a good'n!!! :w00t:
  6. The answer would appear to be YES. However our lords & masters have "bottled" this because a strategic decision is still required on matching the no. of platfroms to the no. of facilities required to operate/ support them.
  7. I see what you're saying there mate, but disagree because I am of the school that thinks that all assets should be equally distributed amongst bases to stop the problem of losing an entire arm of the RN if one base was to be destroyed.
    By your thinking, if Rosyth were to be destroyed by a dirty bomb (suitcase will do it) then suddenly we don't have Air Capabilty anymore!

    I do think, though, that the Landing Ships would perhaps be better served if based at Marchwood instead of Guzz, for logistical reasons.
  8. Fair point, well presented sir. :thumright:
  9. Lamri, I take it when you say Landing Ships, you mean the LSLs and LSD(A)s and not the LPDs. I agree that LSLs and LSD(A)s should be at Marchwood as they are mainly (or were!) under RLC OPCON. They are toys for the brown jobs. LPDs and LPHs are for bootnecks and should stay Guz side.

    Once the deep channel's been cleared for the CVFs, Pompey is virtually fireproof. That leaves our most valuable strategic Base vulnerable to bone economies.
  10. PoL actually no mate, I meant the LPDs and LPH as well. Just because LPD/H carry ASRM it doesn't make them exclusively RM toys. Even so, it is altogether much easier and quicker to carry out an uplift at Marchwood than it is in Guzz, especially as far as the LPD's are concerned because you are tide dependant due to not having a "floating" side ramp on an LPD.
  11. Where's POSRTSMOUTH? Sounds Polish to me!

    The original poster can correct the spelling mistake by opening their original message and correcting the title, then saving their changes.
  12. But thats no fun, ACA me old chutney :)

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