Will my Pension increase automatically.

I was made redundant in 1996 and have been in receipt of AF pension since then. I'm coming up to 55 and was wondering if I have to apply for my pension to be index linked? Also does the indexing begin at 55 or will it be increased in line with all the RPI/CPI increases since 1996?


Lantern Swinger
The first increase will be a big one - all the increases that have occurred since you left. Thereafter it will be the smaller annual increase. You do not need to apply but Vets UK sometimes write to veterans (nothing to worry about - its an HMRC check on whether other pensions are in payment) and, if you have moved, it is a good idea to notify them of your new address. If they write to you and do not get a reply, it could delay your increase.


Lantern Swinger
I don't know what your pension is now but for every £100 of pension you have now will be worth roughly £180 give or take the odd Quid. And if you fully commuted then its even more lol

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