Will Medals be allowed to be worn??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mac76, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi to everyone,

    Just a quick question, I have served in the Army before and Im in the process of joining the Navy, Whilst in the Army i earned two medals and would like to know would they be able to be worn in the navy eg:eek:n parade, I don't mean like Uncle Albert wearing them down the pub on a friday night ??? :D

    Cheers Mac
  2. yes. next question
  3. As long as it was the British Army and not some foreign Army then game on. Depending on how long you served and your previous service, you may be entitled to some good conduct badges as well.

    A lad I joined up with had done 10 years in the Royal Engineers, he had a general service medal from NI and had a NATO or UN medal from Bosnia as well. He wore them at our passing out parade and he also had 2 good conduct badges awarded straight away.
  4. I've got a VC you could borrow, but I need it back for November 11th. I won it in the Crimea.

  5. Uncle Dave?
  6. There the same medals I have the general service medal and the former yugoslavia medal aswell, Does anyone know where I can get them from as my ex wife being so kind decided to chuck them out along with all my other stuff.....
  7. Nice.

    There are loads of companies on tinternet doing replacements.

    I can't vouch for the quality though.


    How long did you serve for and were you a good boy during your time?
  8. Thanks for that link 2_deck_dash will have a look, I served for 6 years and conduct was exemplary, Took me 10 years of jumping from job to job to realise that I made the worst decision of my life getting out of the forces and can't wait to get back in.
  9. Thanks WreckerL for your link much appreciated
  10. In that case you should be entitled to 1 GCB when you join up.

    It's basically a chevron worn on the left arm of your number 1 uniform. You get one for every 4 years of service (from the age of 17.5 years, boys time doesn't count), upto a maximum of 3 badges. They are worn by all non-commissioned rates below Chief Petty Officer.

    In reality they mean very little but are useful as a get out of jail free card if you ever fcuk up. They are also handy down the mess and usually special rights and privileges are given to 'badgemen' like not being stitched for shitty jobs and not making the tea, some messdecks have preferential beds for badgemen etc.

    Basically it makes you stand out as not being a sprog.

    Here is a phot of a PO with three GCBs:
  11. 2_Deck_Dash Do i have to apply for that or is it given automatically?? The way im looking at it is im the same as everyone else its a totally different service and i will be the same rank as every other recruit, The only advantage is i know how to iron my uniform and bull my boots and im an expert at stagging on lol.
  12. I'm not sure if you will have to apply for it or if they will just give it to you straight away. You are definitely entitled to it though, regardless of your lack of experience in the RN. As said before the lad I joined up with had two from the start due to his previous service with the Royal Engineers.

    It is definitely worth mentioning. To be honest you will look fairly out of place with two medals and no GCBs anyway. Hopefully Ninja Stoker or Super Mario will be along shortly to give you the DS Answer.
  13. Ok thanks for the replys 2_Deck_Dash much appreciated
  14. At Ganges, early 74, there was some one who had done 12 years Army and RAF 8O they made him class leader 4 badges(top one slightly thinner than the rest. the classleaders badge. The Deputy had a star.) enjoy sowing? :D Good luck and welcome to the best of the Services. 8) 8)
  15. I left Ganges in Jan 74 and remember that bloke. He made it into Navy News as the only 4 badgeman in the mob.
  16. You will need to apply/make them aware that you are entitled to wear them when you join up.
  17. Drakey who do i apply to? do i ask in the careers office or when i get down there??
  18. Your DO./Instructor should be on the ball and give you a chit (Request form) and tell you what to write or even say "Sign here"
  19. Ok thanks Topstop

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