will it be acceptable?

hello, just wondering if anyone could help me. I wanted to join the RN when i was 16 i applied and passed everything my interview, medical, fitness ect but due to my family being oppossed to me going in so young i pulled out at the last stage (they didn't tell me how opposed they were untill the last minute they had even signed my papers) anyway i went to uni to train as a nurse and now im qualified and 21 i wanted to apply again. do you think it will be fine to go back to the AFCO bearing in mind its the same office or will i be told to sod off. thankyou


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Just to add, if I'm representative of most careers advisers (albeit better looking than most) I can't remember what happened last week, let alone 5 years ago, so don't be put off re-applying.

But, this time, keep your AFCO in the picture.
With your quals they'll probably bite your arm off, it'll have nothing to do with recruiting but they're a strange lot in AFCO's.

Top tip, don't go there during a full moon, Wallace & Gromit's the Curse of the Were-Rabbit is based on an actual AFCO incident.
Hi Shep,

As you've already been told by the Short balding careers advisor, get yourself along to your careers office and get the process re-started.

You may be eligable for entry at a higher level now having passed your nursing quals.

Best of luck

Another good looking careers advisor in the south


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