Will I spend all my time in the bridge?


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Im joining as a Seaman Specialist and I have my PRNC and my raleigh start date. My question is, is that as a seaman specialist, will I be spending the large majority of my time up in the bridge? Or will the amount of time doing the other roles a seaman specialist does ( gunnery, driving the RHIB's, etc) be equal and balanced out?

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Yes you will, about 8 hours a day on the bridge. On your off watch you might be the swimmer of the watch, Upper-deck Weapons crews (QuickDraw). This is my experience from T23/T45. Small ships will be different.

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It all depends on what the ship is doing. State 3 (normal practice cruising). You will be steering the ship, machinery breakdowns, conducting metrological readings, assisting the Officer of the Watch. More than likely spinning crazy dits from your last run ashore.

At Action Stations (Wartime). You will be assisting the Leading Seaman (Seaman) doing tactical communications between units and flashing light or manning a weapon system.

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Act as lookout or as helmsman, assist the navigator/officer of the watch, act as messenger when needed, record information and times of particular events. In former times, you might be required to act as a telegraphsman operating the engine-room order or revolutions telegraphs, but those jobs have become otiose with the advent of direct bridge control of engines and variable-pitch screws.

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