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Will i miss February Intake?


After looking at the Royal Navy website, I can see they have 4 intakes a year; February, May, September and November. It also states I should start my application process 6 months in advance.

I have my initial testing for Logistics Officer in 6 days so I imagine I will be missing the February intake which is only 4 months away. I am just wondering if there have ever been recruits who have managed to get in sooner than 6 months? It would obviously ideal if I can get in then, rather than May as all I am doing a the moment is preparing for the Navy.

If you have any tips on how i can get into the February intake then that would be handy.



War Hero
A February entry is but two whole months away, (All AFCOs close for two weeks at Xmas) so you'd certainly have to go some to pass the Recruit Test, eyetest, medical, PJFT, Sift Interview, SC & AIB in time to meet the final selection board for that particular entry.

The problem is, from an AFCO perspective, it is difficult to justify prioritising applicants who apply at the last minute. A contentious issue, but I always prefer leaders who have the ability to plan ahead. If you do everything fully upon request without delay, your AFCO may well reciprocate the gesture, but if they have to chase you to complete stuff...forget it.

You can help speed things along by preparing well for each stage. If it goes your way, well done:

  • Revise for the Recruiting Test - practice against the clock. (66% of Officer applicants fail the first attempt in my AFCO)
  • Provide ALL identity & educational qualification certificates on the day of the test
  • Get your eyetest taken and complete the medical questionnaire on the day you receive them - return them that day by hand
  • Be available for a short-notice medical appointment - don't start faffing-about stating what times/dates you prefer
  • Ensure you take full copies of your medical notes relating to any declared condition on the medical questionnaire
  • Take the PJFT the day after passing the Medical, call your OCLC to arrange a Sift interview that week
  • Request a December AIB
  • Fully complete your online Security Clearance application the same day it is emailed to you.
  • Make sure you have a valid passport
Good luck


This information is more than I could have asked for! At least it has given me some hope.

I am currently revising every day for both the exams and interviews. I am also going to the gym daily to pass the fitness test (and because I am slightly addicted to it).

I don't know if they will accept it, but I have booked in for an eye test tomorrow morning so I can bring this along too. It may help the process, but if not it will be good to have.

I will follow this to the letter and hopefully get these all completed ready for a December AIB.

Thanks Ninja_Stoker


Lantern Swinger
The Feb entry for BRNC is no more, it's now Jan, May and Sept and the Selection Panel sits on Friday (13 Nov) for the Jan intake as far as I'm aware.

Sorry to put a downer on it but the May entry is, in my opinion with regards to when you do BLD and ABLE, for best entry date.


I tried my best but I coudn't get it all done haha. Oh well, I will aim for May. More time revising and working out
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