Will I get to work on the new F35's

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by caldee22, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. So I spoke to the careers office last week, and they informed me that my waiting list would be up around April/may for joining with the hopes of becoming an AET. So what are the chances of me getting trained to operate on the new F35's. I suppose my training will take up to 9 months so by that time we will be well in to 2015.

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  2. I would say that you're chances are pretty good. If that is your wish ensure that you make your preference known. Nothing is a definite but you're joining at the right time. There are people going out to the US to work them now and Marham isn't too far off
  3. Thanks a lot, hopefully I hit it just at the right time

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  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Strike one.

    Starting a sentence with a completely unnecessary "So" can jeopardise fixed-wing employment prospects for AETs, Fact.

    Not a lot of people know that, but we'll let it slip this once.

    Good luck.
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  5. Was that supposed to be advice? And I wasn't aware that this had to be formal?

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  6. Look to excel and get good marks/reports, most people will want F35s only the best will get them.
  7. I was an aircraft mechanic when the navy had 'real' sea power. Numerous aircraft carriers - did I get to work on fixed wing?


    What you work on, (aircraft type) is not up to what you want. It's up to the powers that be. There is always a chance but as long as the navy has rotary wing, (helicopters), there is always the chance, like me, you may never touch one.

    Don't build your hopes up.
  8. Thanks, I'm doing a HNC in aircraft engineering at the moment so hopefully that comes in handy

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  9. I applied assuming that I would work on rotary wing so I'd still be happy about working with them,but if I get to work on fix wing then that's even better.

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  10. Starting a sentence with "And", you'll be saying "bollocks" to the Buffer next.

    (Yes I am pulling your pisser. If you have one, that is)
  11. In the not so long ago days of being a Tiff, maybe. Now I think you are looking at an ONC (one of our RR members was instrumental in revising the course material at Sultan but I cannot recall who). It will probably do you more good if/when you leave and want to take licences and work on civvy aircraft, or do a degree as a mature student. You don't have to wait to leave to do that either.
  12. I suspect there's been a recent face palm.
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  13. think you ought to think about , the prospect of being an AEO????
  14. I defiantly considered it. However, the course doesn't offer enough ucas points to qualify for a technical bursary. I also like the idea of joining young and working my way up.

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  15. you will be over qualified to be a F35 grubber :toothy10:
  16. Over qualified? I recall someone on here telling me it's hard to get the chance to work on fix wing. Are you sure?

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  17. yes he is right...you go where you, are drafted too. Preferences mean diddly squat, in the FAA..or did do many moons ago:D He was referring to the fact that the FAA is all rotary now, and will only have one squadron of F35s. 809 squadron...so it's self explanatory....ps I could put in a good word for you lol:worship:
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  18. Ah right I understand now, yeh that would be great. Are you currently serving?

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  19. nope , we are often referred to as Piss stained, old farts, in the old navy etc etc by the young serving thrusters on this site:blank:
  20. Ahaha, I moved down from Liverpool about three years ago to Bournemouth and the woman in the careers office (who was also from Liverpool) told me that most of the young AET's are lazy bastards. Apparently she announced an engine change and nobody turned up!

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