will i get soo see the world

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by flano, May 6, 2008.

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  1. i know there is numerous post witch mention this but i wanted to no off you submariners. i am going in as a ME submariner an would just like to know if i will get the chance to see some of the world with the navy. i know that GS see alot more of the world due to them being allowed to dock in places nucular submarines carnt.

    am not joining the navy just to see the world however this is 1 thing that i would like to get the chance to do?

    any feedback welcome :)

    before any 1 pulls me up i know my grammer is not the best neither is my spelling but this isnt an essay so who cares :)
  2. Perhaps people in the recruiting office may care.

    Good luck.
  3. I agree, I can't understand some of what's been written.

    Yes, you will get to see some of the world, Faslane is part of the world, as is Portsmouth
  4. the AFCO dont care as i scored top marks on all of the test :)

    and is that all i will get 2 see ?
  5. My plan is to go GS for a few years and then go into boats. That way I will get the best of both worlds. I assume you get to see more than that, but I don't know - I've seen a few SM threads about where they've been but I guess it changes depending on where they're needed (and on the type of boat)
  6. Pop along to the Education Centre of whatever base you're drafted to...they'll put you on the right road in basic English. You will need it later in yor carreer an yu doan wannna be missin owt jus cos you doan give a shit now! Do yer!
    Do it right...don't compromise. This advice will stand the test of time throughout your career in the RN!
    All the best!
  7. You dont have to lie to us you know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dwarf:
  8. i dont lie lad i just prove people wrong haha

    am dislexic to **** carnt spell 2 save me life but it dosnt stop me in test =)

    and still any more information on reguarding if i will get to see some of the world please ?

    i was thinking on GS however i am just to facinated by submarines to much
  9. No but writing is a form of communication - I understand you have dyslexia but from your past posts you have shown the interest in trying to overcome this and used it as an excuse. If you used the spell checker available on many applications and stopped being a lazy cnut you might have had a better response.

    Answer to your original question... You will be in a can midway in the sea between the surface and the bottom... you will live on recycled air for weeks on a time, there will be no women, you will suffer with SAD no doubt and when you do come to the surface... your mongness will shine :D
  10. Oh Phuck! How do I know? If you are going to join, just do it and shut the phuck up!!
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