Will I get dropped by recruitment over an injury?


Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of joining the Royal Marines. It's my second time through the process as the first I failed the swim test and had to reapply. I currently have a date to start in about 4 weeks time and I recently suffered stress reactions in both shins. Still healing up and I won't be able to join on the intake date and I don't know when I will be healed, it could take months. Got my diagnosis on wed and I will contact my recruiter on Monday. Will I get dropped by recruitment for this or will I be able to get another start date when my legs are healed?

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As with all questions of a similar ilk, the best answers will come from the recruiting office. Monday will be a Bank Holiday and I very much doubt you will get an answer.

There is no one qualified to answer on here.

If you really want an answer from someone on here it will have to be.......



Don't know.

Take your pick.


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Pretty sure you’ll be asked to defer your entry to a later date as you shouldn’t go down to CTC with an injury. As said above, phone your AFCO Tuesday.