Will I be too old

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by feeltheburn08, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If that's what they said, that's what'll happen... :roll:

    (Has McNabb got another book out, or summint?) :?
  2. Feeltheburn, You appear to have a long way to go yet! In the meantime I would advise you to speak to ex-rubberdagger about such matters.
  3. :w00t:
  4. Who told you that you couldn't transfer to the Regs?? I know of a few serving Regiment lads who transferred from 23 SAS-22 SAS and have done successful tours aswell as running selection courses as DS.

    It soundds (excuse the pun) that you want to run before you can walk mate although this isnt the first time i've seen Para Reg ranks want to transfer across before they have put any time in with their parent units.

    Advice. get some experience first and stop trying to be "Chris Ryan"
  5. I just pm'd yourself there rubberdagger,its not really a case of me wanting to run before a can jump.Its more i'm just one of these people of likes too know what is open to me to them and plan ahead for it well in advance.I was a bit shocked when i was told if i was to go to the reg rm at 26-27 i'd be refused as it istoo old.

    With regards to the transfer it was 23 that said its a no go area,as the training is a different level and standard.
  6. XRD is spot on mate - you are trying to run before you can walk. Look at all your plans: P Coy by this age means I will Pass 23 Selection by this age and still be young enough to join the RM at this age.................. STOP _ APPLY SAFETY CATCH!!

    What if you get an injury on P Company that puts you back a year? - or even worse, fail it completely? The same goes for Selection............and remember its not just Hill Phase, but you also have continuation training, comms training and your ad qual too!! The chances of jumping from course to course injury free, passing first time and metting your exact time frame is slim to say the least.

    Just out of curiosity, why wouldnt you want to gain any experience within the Para Battalion before you try for 23, or gain any experience with 23 before your try for RM? Just passing the "selection" course is really only the start of your learning curve, not the pinacle of it!!

    Ambition, confidence and having a life plan are all great things my friend, but I guarantee the instructors will label you as a badge hunter if you go down this route.

    If you want join 23 then do it and stay there until you want to go Reg - there is no point in transfering from pillar to post..........and yes it can be done, although you will most likely have to do Selection again.

    Taken from the UKSF(R) Website:
    "SAS (R) provides an opportunity for soldiers to work within a unique, independent organization which takes pride in its heritage, role and professionalism. Service is physically and intellectually challenging, but the rewards are significant. In addition to a strong sense of purpose in embracing the challenges of a complex world, SAS (R) provides challenge and adventure with the additional benefit of Special Forces pay rates. Whilst the Regiment contributes to UKSF operational capability in its own right, it also provides an excellent grounding for those who aspire to serve with the Regular UKSF"

    Edited to add: If your final plan is to serve in the Royal Marines, why dont you join the RMR just now and then build on it from there?

    Happy to PM mate.
  7. :thumright:
    See my bold.

    The chances of getting through all of the courses that you propose injury free are indeed very slim although there were trained SF (R) ranks that have pretty much done every course under the sun and still managed to pass selection. However i can't see where you want to go with this. My thinking is that you are using P Coy etc as a grounding for other things which isnt a bad thing. However why would you want to go SF and then propose to want to join the RM?? Not that there is anything remotely wrong with the RM as i have done this course and am very proud to wear the lid but the roles are different for a reason.

    Again there is the stigma of being classed a capbadge hunter but at the same time UKSF (R) have been short of numbers for years and if you can pass the course then fair play to you.

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