Will I be put forward for selection?


I passed my AIB in October however, I wasn't selected for the sixth form scholarship which means that I won't have a reserved place next September at BRNC. I was wondering if this means that I will still be put forward for selection for septembers intake (assuming I get the required A-level grades) or will I haVE to redo the AIB before then? I don't mind if I have to I'm confident I'd score higher a second time around it's just when I briefly spoke to my ACLO he suggested that I'd have to do the AIB again but I'm not sure he was aware my pass doesn't expire until October.

Thanks guys


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If your AIB pass was not high enough for a scholarship but high enough to be reasonably confident of selection in your chosen branch, your ACLO would usually brief that distinct issue.

Best bet is call your ACLO to ask whether your score was high enough to be in with a shout for direct entry in your chosen branch or whether he/she recommends a retake. Odds are, if going for Royal Marine or Logistician, you'll be needing a higher AIB pass for selection than other branches.