Will he or won't he get deported

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 12, 2012.

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  2. "Home Secretary Theresa May says she has been assured this will not happen."

    I believe her.

    So goodbye Mr terorist!
  3. I suppose we have to get rid of a few quick to make room for the Romanians
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  4. Think her hands are tied on this, when they get to make a court that has NO appeal system, so these scumbags can and do get chucked out, the better. This bastard , accused of bomb plotting etc gave no thought as to how his activities would affect others, just continues to dodge behind very shaky deportation orders being completed. A waste of money and the blasted oxygen he steals.
  5. No doubt there will be someone from the "Ministry of Certain Things" sniffing around to see if Mr Quatada can be Ahem speeded on his way as it were
  6. You seem to forget that the lunatics are running the asylem. just waiting for the Compensation Claim for Illegal Imprisonment and of course mental injury due to the stress.
  7. Or wait for the Jordanian Secret Service to sort things out. Traffics hell in London these days, people get run over all the time, there's some sharp umbrella's about as well.
  8. Yes, I for one certainly want to live in a country where instead of an independent judiciary including checks and balances, we have some kind of kangaroo court system that simply carries out the wishes of politicians.
  9. Try North Korea Albert, they have that sort of justice system :)
  10. Ooh very Georgio Markov
  11. See random thread of bollox for options.
  12. Justice in Britain?
    As much as you can PAY for.
  13. They had better be quick as there is only an 8 hour slot per day. On the plus side, it keeps expenses down.
  14. Moving to Jersey then?
  15. With the Introduction of the double jeopardy bill, you now have more chances of a retrial than an appeal against an already imposed sentence.
    So we keep trying until we get you, but you appeal at our say so. When we grant leave to appeal.
    That sounds fair to me on a deaf day.
  16. Drifting off-topic, I have actually been there for a week or so. It's an interesting trip to make.
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  17. There is a time and place for rational,decency and civilised behaviour. Dealing with excrement that would blow you or I to hell at the first opportunity is not one of them.
    Go to the Middle East and expect the same fairness if you must, but do not dribble liberalism all over RR please.
    Some people cannot be reasoned with, some simply do not deserve to be.
    The playing field is not even when dealing with hook-handed extremists ; this bastard is on thin ice.May it break under him, even if the winter frost thaws slowly.
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  18. I do believe Uncle Alberts post should be read with a liberal dose of sarcasm included.
  19. That doesn't make any sense. I expect a fairness here that I don't expect there. That's what makes us, for want of a less trite phrase, the "good guys" (although these days that should probably read "less bad guys").

    The point is that we have a set of rules that apply to all people, even the people we don't like and even people who don't like those rules. To use your own attitudes, if you don't like that, go and live in the middle east where the system is in fact exactly what you're advocating; people with the wrong attitude get no protection from the law.

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