Will Granny be safe?

The Observer are reporting today (12 August 07) that the Conservatives are proposing a bonfire of regulations affecting business (and presumably will, as they did when last in power, increase business liabilities at law) including allowing care homes for elderly people to reduce health & safety. Let us home that this isn't shorthand for allowing, as in the past, fire escape doors to be padlocked, stairs to have unsuitable handrails, fire extinguishers not to be regularly checked and care workers to mistreat our relatives with impunity!* :pissed: :thumbdown:

More here:

*Not that that doesn't happen already, as Panorama recently illustrated!!! :pissedoff:
Ah! the good old (never changes its real spots)Conservative Party, forever seeking to make the rich even more rich.
Take a look at The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)Order 2005 - Statutory Instrument 2005 No 1541..
Anybody who interferes with that may well find themselves in extremely deep water indeed.
Thats a Vote winner theN AAC, They will get the votes of 4% of the folk in the UK who have a vested interest.. Let them have them, I am sure Mr B will have a counter for this one. We are becoming a one party state, by default of the opposition to make any good contra arguments. I dispare
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