Will debt stop me from passing the security clearance?

Hi guys,

I've passed my RT and Interview - I'm now at the stage where I have to undergo a security clearance. Although, I am a little worried about the financial aspect of this because I have a £6000 private student loan which I have to repay over 5 years (£120 a month), on top of this I have £450 pound in credit card debt which I will be able to repay fully in 2 weeks... as well as a £1500 student overdraft.

Obviously this is a lot of debt for a 22 year old, however the bulk of it will be paid over 5 years and I don't start incurring charges on my overdraft for another 3 years. Therefore, out of my initial £1250 a month salary, only £120 of this will be owed out and I will have no problem repaying it because I have no further financial responsibilities (car, rent, utilities etc.).

I would like to know if my financial situation will be a problem in me joining the royal navy? Or will they look at my situation critically and consider whether or not it will affect impact my employment?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated because I'm extremely worried about this! Getting into the Navy means everything to me.

Thanks in advance


War Hero
Hi kieran

Our tame careers advice officer should be around at some point to give you the official answer.

On a personal note though. My son did a year in Uni before packing it in and joining up. His student loans for that one year were probably more then you have and he had no issues.
Student loan arrangements are normally very official and therefore easy for loaners and employers to manage.
The important thing is - dont hide anything. If as you say, you are in control and have a solid repayment plan then there should be no issues.
The fact you have a student loan, overdraft etc. gives you a credit history and therefore financial traceability. You are not living off cash in hand drug deals (I hope!).

Best of luck
Thanks for the reply, Taztiff...

The problem I have is that I have student debt of £45,000 as well. Although I've been told that government student loans are never a problem because they only take what you can afford to pay anyway. The £6000 student loan is a private one which I owe to a company called Future Finance, although like I said, It's £30 a week which is definitely affordable to me as I don't have many living expenses; I don't smoke, drive, do drugs (just to address your comment haha).

I just hope you are right and they will look at the practicality of my loan repayments and not be put off by the total amount of debt I owe.

Cheers mate,


War Hero
I don't think that the extra makes much difference in reality to be honest - but I am not a financial expert so please dont take this as gospel. My personal view of the student loan thing is - yes, it is a lot of money but will it ever be paid back and how much? Probably not and not a lot.

Your pay back of the student loan does not kick in until you reach a certain pay level, then it is based on amount earned above that.
As such - unless you join on the UGAS entry - it should not take affect until after you have paid off your other loan. By then you may well have other outgoings - bought the car, met a nice girl / chap (have to say it that way nowadays!) and settled down etc.

The fact you are thinking about it now is encouraging - many people are blind to these things.

As I say, I am not an expert but my advice to my son has been to consider what his outgoings are, what his incomings are and live to those means. He has been in nearly 4 years and is not paying any student loan back yet.
Hasn't stopped him from renting a flat in Plymouth so he has probably forgotten about it!

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