Will debt affect my application

I am currently applying to be a SMME and have got some slight worries about weather the debt i have will affect me getting in.

I have passed my RT, medical and PJFT and am just waiting on a date for my interview.

I have around £7,000 worth of debt which was caused by moving out of my parents too early and wanting to be independant. I am now on a debt management programme where i pay £150 a month and that gets split between the people i owe money too. I spoke to somebody at my local AFCO and they said that as im not bankrupt and as the debt management would not be over 50% of my wages each month then i should be ok but i am still concerned.

Has anyone had any similar expiriences? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

As the AFCO said as long as your repayment doesn't consist of more than 50% of your basic training wages as well as other bills. And you aren't bankrupt then the chance of rejection are less. They do case by case when it comes to this during your security check.

Be honest on the form and you should be ok.

I rejoined with debts (I'm debt free now) I acquired as a civi. So I prove that point.

Again be honest on the form as they do check and will find out if lying or not!

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Its not that i didnt believe him but didnt have a proper conversation with him as i just quickly enquired about it at the end of a completely un related phonecall so just wanted to see if anyone has had the same expirience. Sorry if i caused any offense
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