Will Butlins Ruling affect HMForces

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by F169, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. From the BBC website, I wonder if it could have implications for Jack living in Barracks?..........

    Thousands of ex-holiday camp workers in the UK are in line to receive back-pay totalling about £1m because they had to pay for their own electricity.
    Revenue and Customs found some workers at Butlins and Haven holiday camps were charged for gas and electricity when living on site between 2004 and 2005. In a landmark ruling, the Court of Appeal said that meant workers had received less than the minimum wage.

    'Wider implications'

    Up to 10,000 workers could receive back-pay as a result of the judgement. The case was brought by Revenue and Customs with the support of the GMB union.

    It was found that seasonal workers, such as bar staff and receptionists, were each charged £6 a fortnight for gas and electricity when they lived on site between 2004 and 2005. Because they were low paid, the deduction meant they got less than the minimum wage and this breached regulations, it was ruled.

    Revenue and Customs said the ruling would have wider implications for all workers in similar circumstances.
  2. Are many HM Forces members on minimum pay these days

    geoff(ers) :???:
  3. HM Forces are exempt from the minimum wage :neutral: :roll:
  4. As we are paid 24/7, 365 then most of us probably are on minimum wage!! :lol:
  5. Perhaps you should go on an hourly rate then the people in hot and sandy places and at sea would earn good money and them having Long Week Ends Friday lunch to Monday lunch or being the new version of Barrack Stanchions would earn less. That would a-line you closer to the real world and cover the deployment dodgers.

  6. i think you will find also that many Barrack Stanchions as you put them, do work long hours also. i know that some so called day workers are still at their "front line dodging posts" till 7-8 PM on many occasions, ensuring thet the guys and girls on the front line are best supported. try looking at what is going on around you and not just in your little world
  7. Come on Jungle_Jim.
    Please now go and check that your nose isn't growing. fancy equating front line service to a shore job :smile:
  8. any links i used to work at butlins i mite get money back quaility
  9. Slim I don't think J_J was equating shore and sea service, just the hours that were put in. I served on 2 ships where I was blue card, and quite often put long hours in, in my last draft shore side I regularly worked 8am 7/8pm (knocking off time was supposed to be 5pm) plus 1 in 4 duty watch (later reduced to 1 in 6) so I did put more hours in when ashore.
  10. I worked in the Airday co ordinating office at Yeovil put in 5 x 12hr days, at Portland tractors the long week was 68 hrs.
  11. Agreed there can be occasions when long working hours are expected shoresides, but these are the exception not the norm.
    Though I was a wafoo so we knew how to organise our working routines. 24 about worked fine on most shore squadrons, days normally meant days. At Portland the Lynx flights used the 815 duty tractor driver who was on the 24 about routine.
  12. 24 hours about at Lossiemouth as a Master Airfield, 72 hrs one week 96 the next all the time.
  13. Though these hours look long do not forget that while you were 24 on you were allowed to sleep at night. I realise that in the summer night flying used to finish at about 0300 or even 0400 but this was only for a few months of the year. Though Lossiemouth was an MDA it was so far North that we rarely got used as such. I reckon that the worse thing the fire crew had to put up with was that during the camp cinema on Sundays the OOW nearly always decided to carry out the fire exercise. Result fire crew and emergency party missed the movie.
  14. Youre not quite right slim, MDA was extremely busy, I was also an Air Traffic Controller there as well prior to the RAF taking over, as for sleeping yes when you could but mostly the standby crew.Fire crew never got to go to the movies when i was there , naafi bar perhaps(who said that)
  15. Ah now you are confusing me Hig. I worked shifts in the tower in about 1973 on ground radio, didn't see many ATCs on 24 about. Used to have a coffee with the met wrns sometimes. Must admit once routine maintenance was completed I used to get my head down in the radar room. Best bit was freshly picked airfield mushrooms for breakfast.
  16. Youre right slim 24 about was on the fire section, i left around June 72 so you must have been in the tower with the crabs?But we did have controllers on overnight but a different watch system.
  17. Looking back I think it was probably 1972 when I was in the tower, it was all RN then. I left for POs course at Daedalus and then on to RAF Honingtom for RN Unit and 809 Sqdn.
    24 about was though one of the best routines available, long weekend 1 in 2. Squadrons were better off than the fire station as they didn't normally turn to after 2300 Friday until 0700 Monday.
    Must admit to spending a long time at Lossie and enjoying most of it. I remember Dixie Dean killick chockhead with all his tattoos, and being scared sh!tless by Speedy Ball in the landrover when I was an LREM on station flight and he was taking me out for a SPRAG pull.
  18. I was a PO in the tower from about feb 71 untill the crabs took over in mid 72, must have met you at one time. one of the last to leave, between ships and courses i was at Lossie from joining 800 early 63.
  19. Our paths must have crossed sometime then Higs. I joined Lossie as a sprog REM in 1963 and joined 800 in 1966. Killicks course at Daedalus in 1968, then back to Lossie until POs course in 1972. Knew lots of handlers, including the guy with a Renault Dauphin, registration number PST 1 his name escapes me now but in later years he did tell me he got a sh!t load of money for the plate.
  20. well i think you might be a little out of touch now, judging by your comments. 24 about is almost dead (esp with in the mk 4 squadrons and not the engineers choice) and eveyone in the section i work in can with out doubt state that at least 3 times a week we are still in office till 18:30 at least and yes it is a days job and as for 2sl PFS we dont count i have not had a make-a-mend since october 06 and i have worked every friday afternoon also. so we would love to opertunity to orginise our working routines but we no longer have the manpower to allow easy watches and loafing watch members. the long hours are no longer an exception it is starting to become the norm and getting to the point where the I/C expects late nights with no Time off in loo

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