Will Bliar get a BAFTA from Leveson Enquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Bliar hasn't said anything yet and already I don't believe him!
  2. how can you tell Blier is lying, his mouth moves

    To give him his due, he probably does not realise he is lying, he has been doing it for such a long period of time, he now probably believes everything he says is the gods own truth

    Sod the BAFTA, the award I would like to see him get is anything posthumous
  3. No way he's a has been boring lying twat. This Thursday may bring a class act with Jeremy Hunt.Dave will be watching the coverage from behind his sofa.
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  4. Please God yes.
    Bullet After Failing to Tell All.
    Burn After Failing The Army (and all our Armed Forces)

    (any more offers, feel free to add.....)

    'Mr.Middle East Peace Envoy'.....did his priest suggest he try for restitution through taking on this role ?

    Does he really think, after the rape of my country's essence and honour, the murder of thousands across the globe and pocketing of millions in an 11-year bid for self-aggrandisement, that Absolution is his ?

    What I don't understand is why he hasn't been taken out yet.By someone, somewhere.
    The man is a war criminal and deserves no trial.Only justice.
  5. How do you define justice without a fair trial?
  6. Is it just me or has the middle east gone to ratshit since Bliar has become the area "peace envoy"? Whats his ToR for that job and who decided the ToR's and that he'd be the ideal man for the job?
  7. Believe it was a Mrs Ceri Blair. Human Rights Abuse specialist. ( If I'd have a face like hers I'd appeal that my human rights had been abused)

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