Will AETs bring reducing manning levels on Flights? Discuss

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by slim, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. My last front line draft was as R1 on Manchesters's Flight. The complement of the flight consisted of 1 Pilot, 1 Observer, 1 SMR, 1 Snr rate airframes & engines, 1 senior rate electrical, 1 senior rate radio, 1 leading rate airframes & engines, 1 able rate airframes & engines and 1 able rate electrical & radio. A total of nine.
    Besides carrying out their own duties the senior rates also had extra tasks, as R1 mine were Stores Liaison and Survival Equipment.

    With the advent of the AET I believe that the powers in charge will seek to reduce this manpower to:
    1 Pilot
    1 Observer
    1 SMR
    I Leading hand AET Mechanical
    1 Leading hand AET avionics
    1 AET Mechanical
    1 AET Avionics.
    A total of seven flight personnel

    Thus saving a total of two persons. However more importantly the flight now consists of only one senior rate, think of the cost savings.

    Survival equipment could be carried out by the SE branch by being serviced ashore and exchanged when due for servicing.

    Stores could by carried out by stores branch pesonnel.

    This would put an enormous strain on flight personnel but I have a feeling that this may well be forgotten about by the bean counters.

    Please discuss the possibility of something like this happening.
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Slim, theoretically it could have happened a while ago as we have had Full Supervisory LAEM's for a long time, why have 2 AET's? they aren't traded anymore so could work as both Avionics & Mechanical. Not being a Lynx faggot I have no idea why it has remained as it does but I suspect it's related to Independent checks and experience.
  3. I left the RN in 85 and at time killicks only had limited sup status. All senior rates on lynx flights were self sup (but never used it)
    Most of my time was spent on buccaneer squadrons and it came as a shock to the system when as a POAEM(R) I got a lynx draft.
    To be honest I have never worked so hard in my life. the hours were extremely long and for some reason the other watch never relieved you. I much preferred the 24 hour working system of a squadron in three watches.
    Personally I cannot see how a lynx flight would be able to operate safely on reduced numbers, but that is not the way the bean counters see things
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Other watch? I thought the fixing pixies came in at night! :lol:
  5. Just one question.

    I've been out 21 years so what is the current manning for a lynx flight
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Mate I honestly don't know, I have been away from Yeovilton for a few years now, this is the closest link I get to the rest of the FAA and the RN in general, last I knew it was as you described in the opening post.
  7. The one thing that concerns me is if they do reduce the numbers of a lynx flight then who is going to carry out the rotors running re-arm. Last time I did it, it needed 3 each side, with the SMR out front for paperwork and assistance when needed. How will they get around the minimum requirements.

    I cannot see the Obs getting out of his seat to remove the GE, or to help refuel whilst the otherside re-arm
  8. 2X aircrew
    1x SMR
    1X Grubber Sup (S/R)
    1X L Sup (S/R)
    1x R Sup (S/R)
    1X L/H (can be any trade now)
    2X lads (both AEs)
    1X AC
  9. Thanks Jungle_Jim in my day though the AC (aircraft controller) was part of the ships company not part of the flight. As the two lads are both AEs who signs as operative for L & R work?
    When my D.O. asked me if I wanted to sign on instead of leaving at my 22 year point I don't think he quite understood why I smiled and said no way. I could see another lynx flight looming, sod that for a game of soldiers.
  10. The days of a Watch Chief are numbered it will be a Watch PO, Chiefs in the FAA will be novelty items as numerous as ships at sea.
  11. Slim, you're not working for the Government 'Let's Get Rid of the Navy' team are you?
  12. the flight Structure at the moment is not likely to change as there is always the need for independant checks etc and minimum numbers for tasks such as weapon loading also the point of getting rid of an SE trained person is a non starter as you cannot assume that a life jacket or helmet will not need repairing during a deployment

    The AET lads are untraded until their selection for killicks course and are therefore unsuitable to assume any responsibilities in overseeing any tasks set.

    Our biggest problem at the moment is the way we are getting messed about by the command sat at home not appreciating the full picture of what is going on.

    oh by the way i'm still in the WAFU world
  13. I am all for flight numbers being increased rather than decreased Fido. From my experience on Manchesters flight the workload was more than should be expected for the size of the team.
    Thanks Wafu_Through_And_Through for the update. nice to hear from someone at the sharp end. See nothing has changed with command since my time, unfortunately
  14. Re: Will AETs bring reducing manning levels on Flights? Disc

    Ur Welcome :lol:

    especially as I Deal with merlin flights these days
  15. Thanks Merlin flights, well after my time.
  16. For info the the future Lynx Flight will be, (and in one or two cases already incoming):

    2x Aircrew
    1x SMR
    1x M1, (S/R grubber)
    1x M2, (L/H grubber, full sup with restrictions, (in other words Limited Sup))
    1x M3, (AB tripled traded QM/QS with SE maintenance adquals)
    1x AV1, (S/R AV, will follow the sane training regime as the old L1)
    1x AV2, (L/H AV, , full sup with restrictions, will take on the role of R1, including SE Sup)
    1x AV3, (as M3 but with no SE adqual)
    1x AC

    The major changes will occur with the ancillaries jobs, as under AEBD we will no longer have Greenies and Pinkies, just avionics' traded maintainers, (AV's). essentially the AV1 will be the L1 and the AV2 will be the R1, and using this theory legacy rates will be drafted into the appropriate billet.

    What will also happen is those Flights whose AV2 are killicks will find the onus on fault diagnosis and independent cx will fall on the AV1 as the "with restrictions" caveat on the hookies auths means he will not be able to Sup any work requiring these actions.

    The ability of the Flight to operate as before should not, in theory, be effected, it will just be carried out at a cheaper cost... ?
  17. Re: Will AETs bring reducing manning levels on Flights? Disc

    The clincher isn't actually the ability to maintain the aircraft, it's the ability to operate the deck. 7 isn't enough to have a CFD and enough ratings left to carry out double Skua/Stingray loads within the standard time. Flights must be left as they are because the job is demanding enough as it is, and any cutbacks in manning would be simply dangerous IMHO.

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