Will a Bad Reference affect my application?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alex123, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Basically, i'm in the process of joining as an etwe, i've passed the RT, and have got my interview next week.I'm confident i'l pass the fitness and medical, and confident about the interview.

    The one thing thats worrying me is that although my personal reference will be fine, my school will give me a bad academic reference as my punctuality and attendance was poor.I got 7 A-C's and have got no criminal record / debts or anything like that, will the school giving me a bad reference because of my poor punctuality and attendance affect my application?

    My school reference is the only thing i'm worried about , do they check punctuality and attendance at school for the security and reference checks??
    And if that comes back bad, will it affect my application? - quite worried about that tbh.

    thanks for any replies.
  2. I'm sure Ninja Stoker will be along to answer this correctly, but I suspect there is more than one matelot who played hookey as a child.
  3. Has the school said they will give you a bad reference? I doubt very much they'll drop you in it - as you say, you got good results. Relax - I think you are in the clear.
  4. I'm sure that punctuality and attendance aren't going to pose much of a problem at Raleigh :D

    Easy for me to say I know, but try not to worry about it, many have joined the mob and gone on to great things that didn't have a single good day at school :)
  5. Alex,

    It won't really matter too much about your reference, but you need to be honest at your interview. Careers advisors are very good at reading how candidates are now and we do not rely on what other people tell us. What happened in the past is in the past. What we are interested in is how you will deal with things in the future. Your results obviously show you can deal with the academics, you need to tell the CA that you can deal with the commitments required to achieve your goal and join as an ET(WE).

    Best of luck


  6. thanks for the advice

    Its just that i got turned down for a job i was looking to have whilst waiting to get in the navy because the school put the attendance part of the reference they gave to the employer as "poor".I think the other sections of the reference ie behaviour etc were ok.I'm just worried that i won't get in if the school do the same again??

    tbh the last year at school i hated because all i was thinking was i wanted to leave and get in to the RN.As far as i'm concerned all i care about now is getting in, and i'm so commited now, i know that if i get in, i'd never drop out.

    I'd just be sooo completely gutted if my poor attendance at school stopped what i see as my future career in the rn.
  7. Don't worry you should be fine at the interview. Just tell your CA how much you want the job and make sure you've done all your research, allowing yourself to give a good interview.



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