Will 800 and 801 split?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by bitter_and_twisted, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. See what the general feeling is on the subject
  2. Call me old fashioned, but aren't they separate anyway, or just in one big building??? To be honest, i'm just glad you noisy buggers disappeared up north, I can hear myself think in the hangar now!!!
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Hello.................. reality check!

    800 Naval Air Squadron was recomissioned on 1st April 2006, and 801 haven't (recomissioned). The Naval Strike Wing has been formed from the manpower of 800 NAS (which hasn't been decomissioned!)and a bunch of other blokes who have been hanging around awaiting both a QFI(hello, shouldn't someone have thought about this and done something about it some time ago!) and the political will to have two NAS's at Cottesmore, that hasn't happened! How ever much spin is applied to the situation these are the facts.

    The question then should be: Will 801 NAS ever recomission? The answer is............................ probably not, at least in my opinion until about 2010, perhaps as the JCA OEU?.................. yeh right!
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As it was explained to me by a member of the fraternity, the plan was to have 2 NAS at Cottesmore. The training pipeline went pete tong which left the RN short of pilots, the Crabs were asked to make the numbers up and they declined - for the political reasons above. The last I heard was that there were not enough aircraft and drivers for 2 conventional squadrons but as there was much will not to be scuppered by the Crabs they were going to form a Naval Harrier Wing (or something) and then have 2 properly badged squadrons in that wing - thus getting round the Crabs objection to squadron size. This was echoed by CinC whenhe addressed the Staff Course - the mood was lightened as he ripped the head froma crab who stood up and said it wasn't fair for the RN to have 2 squadrons if they didn't have enough pilots. My how we laughed....
  5. In my opinion, the whole JFH concept went wrong when we tried to form predominantly RN and predominantly RAF Sqns. You then end up with no Matelots wanting to go on the RAF Sqns and no crabs wanting to go on a Matelot Sqn. This applies equally to Groundcrew and Aircrew. The same concept that has been used on 20 Sqn should have been used on all Sqns with a 50/50 mix - yes it has been/ probably is still very painful on 20 Sqn but it has forced through totally integrated working. I know the original thought was to let the RN Sqns do most of the boat work and the RAF do land based stuff but with the current Ops tempo when are we likely to achieve that? I think it is the Sqn names that have caused the problem and they should have just formed 4 new JFH Sqns with completely new numbers. Surely we're too small today to get hung up on the historical importance of Sqn names?

    I'll go before I'm reminded the RAF is too young to have traditions, only habits!
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think you are right.......................... did I just say that! :shock:

    There is far too much petty, childish politics going on iin lieu of people cracking on with the job for which they are responsible. The Squadron names are important though, they create a sense of cohesion, however I can honestly say I was just as proud of being on IV(AC) Squadron and working towards the Squadrons' success as I was on 801 NAS, 899 NAS or 810 NAS.
  7. well the way they are being run at the moment they certainly are'nt winning any friends, when your time comes up on front line they let you draft you where they want you to go not where you would like to goto.

    as i have found out this week when i will be starting at some other base 20 miles away and not where i wanted to be when i officially leave in 2008

    we sat in with the AEO who said you are all getting drafted i will listen to all your drips but at the end you will still get drafted!! why bother with the meeting then???

    if the assholes who are running it now had the choice they would love it to split into 2 squadrons, because when the shit hits the fan and people ned to be shat on its only the 800 plot that gets looked at, so it may be a good thing if both squadrons operate seperately!! then maybe 801 personnel may get jobbed with some shitty drafts!!

    what about my 14 months sea time i owe? "that will get written off" i dont think so the navy are'nt that generous!!

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