wildcat taks the first test flight

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by docherty, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I'm sorry, say what you like but that is one ugly aircraft. That, of course, being THE most important aspect.
  2. Being a non WAFU type and having a fairly limited interest in flying pieces of metal, it just looks like a slightly more pointy Lynx to me.

    Is it?
  3. Lynx Wildcat :thumright:
  4. Yes I realise that, but apart from the pointyness how does it differ from the old Lynx?

    Also why the pointyness? Is it more stealthy? Does it increase strength? Or is it just to look cool and attract foreign customers because it's brand new?
  5. Dunno. I know it's slower though.
  6. i think it is just an update because our current lynx's are ancient. think it has new engines for "hot and high" environments. updated avionics.
  7. Bus controlled intergrated avionics.
  8. Does that mean you'll be waiting for one for ages...........then 5 will turn up at once and cause utter confusion!
  9. Army version totally unnecessarily and probably being forced on them to justify the RN version, what next an updated Gazelle?
  10. If one is captured by the enemy there's more chance of them cutting themselves on it :roll:
  11. Speaking to some of the guys in the AAC the Wildcat (and Lynx Mk9) are not what they want. It is too small to act as a useful utility helo, and not powerful, or fast, enough to act as a land based attack helicopter. The sort of aircraft they are after are the Blackhawk and Apache. (as you can see the Wildcat comes nowhere near either of these.)
    Yes they are being forced onto the Army to justify the RN version, but it is also the RAF wanting to hang on to the battlefield transport role with the Chinook, Puma, and Merlin fleets. The RAF has always been good at arguing its corner, and has played a very big role here (despite the lack of airframes and/or crews...)
  12. Lynx Widcat is the wrong answer… Too bloody expensive and far too small.

    Wasteland have a licence for the Blackhawk, churn them out for the Pongoes and Seahawks for the Navy
  13. Has anyone thought that maybe Merlin and Seahawk are too big to embark on the Navy's FSC corvette version?

    Then again I have neither the time nor inclination right now to check the exact specifications reference dimensions so meh.

    2DD - better avionics, 'glass' cockpit (less dials and switches, basically, more computer screens), better engines that give more power, and therefore more lift, plus an extra 50% endurance over the old one. Few other things as well.
  14. Well, unless the new FSC covette is going to have a flight deck smaller than an OPV, (most unlikely the navy would specify a spot smaller than a Merlin could use), a Blackhawk will fit.
  15. The RAF will not let the AAC have bigger aircraft. They are terrified that the AAC will become SH as well as LH.

  16. Indeed, and this results in the insane position were the army is forced the buy helicopters that are unsatisfactory to it's needs on the basis of an arbitrary weight limit imposed 50 years ago.

    Of course, this does rather suit Westlands as the army are tied into buying bespoke helos from them as no one is making helicopters that fit the Lynx niche. Of course, the kickback is that no one is interested overly in buying Lynxs other than us for their Army bods.
  17. To be fair quite a few helicopters would fit the Lynx Niche. Sadly to make the Small ships Lynx numbers viable the AAC gets the Army version. Just another way to keep Wastelands afloat.

    135,155, or 902 could fill the Lynx role.

  18. Don't seem to make wary versions of them tho
  19. I'd argue a Dauphin as a better match.

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