Discussion in 'Submariners' started by georgielass, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. ok first post, hello everyone! great web site! but spend most of my time on RP....

    right well ill get straight to it! the other half is currently away on hms vig, and i wanted to suprise him when he got back,
    so i was going to swallow my pride and buy him a nintendo Wii, except everywhere is sold out! and not getting any in for a month or so! ahhhh!

    has anyone got any ideas as to where i could find one? been to the usual places and no one has any stock, or any idea as to when the next is coming in,

    soz if this post is in the wrong place! hope some one can help!
  2. have you tried online?
  3. yep tried loads of online shops, even ebay, but they are going for silly prices on there!
  4. really?!! are you sure! it says out of stock tho!? why why why!!! ok il try them
  5. nope not letting me
  6. They said on the BBC Business report last night (where I first learned what Nintendo's Wii actually is :oops:) that they were selling out in the US but were not available in Europe yet... obviously the Beeb got that wrong then?
  7. hi ya, nope the release datewas the 8th of dec in the uk, but the problem is that preorders are out weighing the amount of stock they get from nintendo so none make it to the shelves,

    thanks everyone else tho! great links! fingers crossed!
  8. woowoo sucess! put a pre-order down with my local gamestation, should get one in time! for 209 with two games and a additional remote!
    thanks everyone for your help!

  9. hay thanks for the tip, but nope not the same, but ta anyways! put the order in and it will get here before he is back, (i hope)
    thanks again for your help!

    Georgie !
  10. You gonna give him time to play with his new pressie Georgie? :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. Get him a sexy little Nurses outfit (of course you put it on) After 3 months on a bomber patrol he is going to need a bit of ''stimulating exercise'' to get rid of those Saturday Steak and Chips nights.
  12. thanks for the tips! damn it, why didnt i think of the nurses outfit! be a heck of alot cheaper than a wii! nah just kidding,
    hes not the only one who needs ..... well you know im not gunna spell it out for ya!
  13. Good on you girl,tell him about your ''outfit'' in a familygram.That will get him all perky for coming home.
  14. If you really want to surprise him when he gets back off patrol, tell him you're 4 weeks pregnant!!!
    geoff(ers) :???:
  15. er....... suprised is not the word,
    something tells me i am not going to take your advice there geoff!
  16. i got one! i got one! wooowooooooooo

    preorder from gamestation. i recomend you use them, 5 days i had to wait! woowoo!

    ok suffering from a Wii back and arm ache but sooooooo worth it!

    cheers every one!
    good day!

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