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Following on the thread about preferred destinations, it got me thinking about the most weird and wonderful food/drinks we have tried around the world. So what's the strangest thing you have put in your mouth!!! :wink:

For me it is a tie between chillied frogs in Malaysia and a whole boiled goat (complete with skin and fur) in Ras Al Khaima. I'm sure there's weirder stuff out there.
When I was in Bangkok (Sorry Lingy, Krung Thep!), I once had one of those deep fried small bird type things that you can buy in the market.

Not that weird now, but it seemed like it at the time, especially eating it in front of my mates.

However, on a stag weekend in Newquay, I once ate part of someone else's vomit. Actually, I was only after the french fries he had brought back up after we'd been in Burger King (honest), so I ate those and left the rest alone.


Lantern Swinger
That is outrageous TD!! I will now be scanning the cyclists on the Gosport Ferry trying to spot the sort of man who would eat puke!!! :lol:


Lantern Swinger
Reindeer is great. I had to choose between that and whale when I was in Norway and my kids would neveer have spoken to me again if I'd been munching Free Willy!! (so to speak)
As you can imagine, out here I eat things like dog and locust, frog and other assorted lovelies. But the foulest meal ever was in Ghana, it was a stale loaf of bread hollowed out with some runny scrambled egg like mixture poured in.
Utter sewerage!


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Donkeys Treasure in China.
Not saying what it is but only male donkeys have them and they only have one.
What was it like.......................Believe it or not Extremely Chewy


Deep fried bees in Thailand, weren't too bad washed down with a few beers. Balat - fermented rotting fish. Now that just isn't on, absolutely thrutching.

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