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As it's maximum projectile range was apparently 2.5 miles & the 0.5 kiloton warhead had an immediate lethal-dose radiation range nearing 0.5 miles diameter on impact... You would rather hope it didn't hit anything before it reached maximum range & even then, you would rather hope for the wind behind you!
To be fired by those wearing white sheets, who, upon firing, promptly stuck their heads between their legs and kissed their a*se goodbye.

Reminds me of the sticky grenade invented in WWI. Or the Russian dog-deployed anti-tank mines. These had dogs trained to crawl under tanks with a magnetic mine strapped to their backs. Dog sees tank, climbs under tank and mine blows up. Only the dogs were trained using Russian tanks, so when they were released in the field they headed back to the Russian lines. Doh!
"To load but once and fire often"...spearfish, could have done with one of those on the A34 coming out of Oxford the other day!! Nightmare!
spearfish said:
You would probably not want to be close to this when it went off:
Reminds me of a nuclear tipped heavyweight torpedo the US Navy had many years ago. Its "kill probability" was 200% - because its range was less than the radius of destruction from the explosion !
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