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Wibbly Wobbly Screen


Help, just updated to service pack 2 on XP and have ended up with a screen that seems to be getting some sea time in, everytime you use the cursor wheel it the screen undulates down to the desired position. Further, this upgrade (genuine ms) (honest) appears to have lost some of the drivers/connections for utilities.

Please help-iwould bin it but can't afford a replacement--Cheers


Cocking 'ell - your a few years behind.

Now go to Microsoft Updates and download all the updates available including the hardware (Custom) with all the up to date drivers for your pc.


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Sounds like your graphics driver dont like SP2.

as NotMeChief says, do a windows update (will probably take you most of the night), this should sort problem.


On my last clean reinstall the other day, there were 92 updates including the drivers.
Took about 25 mins to complete the download and installation.


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Same here and I've got Vista Home Premium with WLAN . I thought it was a wireless issue. Still working on it, PITA it is.


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Second suggestion. Change the mouse.

Sounds weird but I had one a few months ago where his screen would do its own thing, changed the mouse and all is fine.

If you havent got another mouse, unplug the one you do have and start the PC. Takes a bit of driving windows with a keyboard but can be done
If you have a branded PC I would go to the maufacturer's website and download the latest drivers for the system, then resintall following their instructions, certainly the graphics card but you may as well do the others while you're at it. It's normally straightforward.

If it's not a branded system, or is a PCWorld own or similar, then take the side off, find out what graphics card and motherboard are in it - should be clearly labelled - and go to the website of the manufacturer. That is the board manufacturer which will be labelled on the boards themselves. Make sure to note the complete board model number, not just the CBR600, but also the F4A3 or whatever.

All this is pretty easy - normally go to 'support' on the website, type in the model number, download the file, double click and you're away. Unless you have a Sony like my laptop where the ba5tards don't tell you anything and you have to guess which file is which.
Just notice part of the post that may be gibberish if you've never been inside a PC before.

Motherboard = biggest circuit board in there that is likely to fill most of the case. You normally take the left hand cover of the PC off to get to it. Don't worry about doing this, just don't rub your feet on the carpet then touch any connectors.

You may or may not have a separate graphics card. It's on the one that the monitor cable plugs into. If that's the motherboard then its 'on board', so the motherboard driver will include it, or at least make it clear what you should download.

If the monitor plugs into a separate circuit board - that is a separate graphics card.
Finally, if it's a laptop then do not try to take it to bits. Just go straight to the laptop manufacturers website.


Many thanx to all you wise ones out there, it seems that I have a busy weekend ahead. Its truly amazing the depth of know how you have all gleaned since leaving the Queens employ, GB Ltd should be proud of all of its assets including veterans and especially those serving today.

Cheers buddies



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NotmeChief said:
The cheaper systems (like Dell) have cheap Chinese boards so there may not be any maker or number on it, you can however download a little program to tell you everything about your PC.

Try either of these:

Belarc System Adviser

Sisoft Lite

Belarc is the better one.


Those bits of software are only good IF the correct drivers are installed. As you are probably aware, you can install the wrong driver. Belarc will report the driver that is there and not the correct one.


These were so he could get the mobo make and number which they will give irrespective of any driver as they read the chip registration.


Most modern boards dont have a graphics board but have a "graphic chip" attached to the motherboard. I would see what the up date downloads will do before ripping the thing apart.
Only lower spec PCs or micro ones. Everything a bit 'gucci' has a separate graphics card, or even two these days. Graphics processors are serious processors in their own right and need BFO heat sinks and or fans. Too much for an extra chip on the motherboard.