Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by aussiepint, May 24, 2007.

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  1. RIP Corporal Jeremy Brookes. 4th Battalion The Rifles.
    149th victim.....why?...
  2. If, as i assume, he was lost in Iraq or Afghanistan, then its Bush's fault for not listening to true reports and dragging Blair with him.

    because the true reports universally indicated that Iraq had no WMD's and bush only listened to what he wanted to hear.
  3. We are all military, we all know why.
  4. Sorry for bringing my bias into this - my son is over there right now and i'm worried sick about him.

    I would pay cash money for a seat at bush/cheney's impeachment.
  5. I would pay more for the Hanging.
  6. I would prefer burning at the stake or public beheading (with a rusty penknife)


    Hope your son makes it back ok

  7. thanks stab
  8. Ditto , my Daughter is off to the Stan in December , can immagine what your going through "jarhead" , best of luck to all of them .
  9. No probs Jarhead. Arizona eh, my ex has a friend who lives in Mesa. He is a professional competition shooter who moved there when they banned handguns in the UK. Haven't been in touch with him in ages but last I heard he was still at it.

  10. DonDon. Not a parent, but big hugs your way ok??

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