Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by The_Sherminator, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Hello Chaps, i recently had my meeting with the careers liason officer, as i wish to become a Submarine warfare officer. Unfourtunately for me my eyesight is only Standard 3 (this means i cannot see too well without my glasses or contacts, although with them i'm better than 20/20).

    Anyway, i neglected to mention the word 'submarine' to the good lieutenant immediately - mainly because i didn't really get the chance. He told me i had no chance of becoming a Warfare Officer and immediately tried to railroad me into logistics. Of course when i mentioned boats he changed his tune and said i might be able to - he said he's ask anyway...then he tried to railroad me into logistics again.

    I was just wondering what i would need good unaided eyesight for on a submarine? He was telling me that as a logistics officer (which i can do) i would still do warfare things like watches and submarine driving, just with the added bonus that if i do turn out to be any good i can eventually look foward to...a depot. (I must confess to finding the prospect of being in charge of a room full of the navy's nuts and bolts slightly less motivating that maybe having your own ship one day! So i'd really prefer to get into warfare). I suppose if you were one of the chaps standing on the dorsal navigating out of port you would require good eyesight but couldn't i just...put my glasses on??? In fact can't i just do that all the time...like i've been doing everyday for quite sometime now? I have to question, if there is ever a time when i can't put my glasses on onboard a submarine, do i really want to see whats going on? It seems a bit silly to me, Nelson only had one eye and he wasn't the worst commander in the world...

    Do you reckon they'll give in on this one, because i'm really not sure about the logistics thing? Surely it makes sense to have someone onboard a submarine who actually wants to be there (crappy correctable eyesight or not), rather than raining on some holidaymaker from the surface fleets parade?

    You guys know what you're talking about, what do you make of all this?
  2. so u can see the girlies on your runs ashore ?
  3. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    You need good eyesight so that when you're on watch on the bridge (the exposed bit on the top of the fin, the bit that civvies/skimmers call "the conning tower") you have half a chance of seeing the other craft out there when it's p***ing down so that you have a reasonable chance of missing them.
    Having come rather too close, in the past, to other vessels, because it turned out that the Officer of the Watch needed rather more correction for his eyesight than people realised, I'd rather have someone up there who can see.
    Go MESM instead, it's warm and you get as much tea as you can drink when you're on watch.
  4. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

  5. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    Bin bag, back aftie
  6. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    Oi! That'll be the master race to you popeye! :evil:

    No bridge watchkeeping, no guns qualifications, and none of this 6 on 6 off shite either.

    You do, however, get to play with a reactor, and get Cat A Nuclear Pay (£13 is a day) when you're qualified ...

    BUT always remember that Recruitment speak with forked tongue. The reason he's pushing you to drive sausages is because they don't have enough sausage drivers, not because you're the best man for the job. Decide what you want to do & accept no substitute. Or at least not much ... I nearly ended up as a Stores Accountant until one of my mates who was in the Navy re-briefed me on topics such as just how easy it is to change branches, how easy it is to go from Mechanic to Artificer & how easy it is to get commissioned from the ranks!
  7. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    Bin bag, master race? You’re having a giraffe?
  8. We'll see who's laughing when I get that A&A for explosive bolts on the Fwd airlock fitted!
  9. Oooooh, I’m trembling now.
  10. Dont hold out much hope for that, back afties have been trying for that since Donut.
  11. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    Well the Med. board have said standard II vision is definately the minimum so it's the logistics officer or nothing. This is quite disappointing coming from someone who originally wanted to be aircrew. The problem is this just doesn't sound like a particularly interesting department to me. It sounds almost like a military secretary/admin man, would that be about right in your experience?

    Well i'm not joining to be an admin man. Is it true the Royal Marines accept Standard III people? I'd rather put in the extra fitness work and do something that i consider excting and worthwhile.
  12. I'm not 100 percent sure but I believe that both Logistics and Weapon Engineering (SM) officers must meet the same eyesight requirements as X(SM) due to the fact they also carry out periscope watchkeeping.

    Sorry to disappoint, but if you don't meet the standard for warfare GS or SM then I reckon you've no chance as a Logs(SM)

    It's not all bad being a loggie I would imagine, yes not really that many sea jobs but there's loads of officer jobs (common appointments) that can be filled by any branch.

    Good luck with whatever route you follow
  13. To be fair the guys adamant that i can join the submarine service as a Loggie and he's already told me i will get to do watches if i do. Using the periscope wouldn't be a problem since i'm short sighted and the periscope tends to be not far away from your face! :grin: I believe it's bridge watchkeeping duties on top that makes WO a no-no for me.
  14. The issue with Loggie submariners is that you only really do a couple of SM jobs.

    As with any branch there are good and bad opportunities out there, plenty of chance to do some entertaining things as a Loggie, if you accept that it'll probably cap your promotion prospects.
  15. Well i think that the high eyesight requirement has more to do with accurately working with screens and other displays its why you need better colour vision than for the surface warfare roll.

    As for just wearing your glasses, they have to account for the fact that you may end up without them somehow. Eg. getting them broken at the start of a vanguard missile patrol leaving you unable to do everything you need to for the final 2 months of the patrol

    Frustrating I know but standards like this are created for a specific reason not for the hell of it, particularly with shortage of submarine officers. But then its far easier to be philosophical when you meet the standards
  16. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    As a SM pusser, you will be expected to push the periscope round as much as the X and WE officers when on watch. Hence the reason for the Standard III eyesight rules. You won't be doing the Logs SM job as a first job straight out of training either, normal route will be to go to a Ship, Air Squadron or Dockyard job first, to cut your teeth as a baby pusser. From there you'll do OTC (submarine systems), basic warfare (for the periscope watchkeeping) and Nuclear General Course (cos you are responsible for Nuclear Safety as advised by the duty Engineer, when Officer of the Day). Having said that, SM pussers only do one job on a boat, but it is a good one to have under your belt, since it's a huge responsibility in a relatively junior post.

    Unfortunately it seems that despite the shortage of XSM Officers, the system still requires Level V eyesight.
  17. This might sound ridiculous but apart from being short-sighted my eyes are perfect! :lol: What i mean is opticians do a load of tests other than the standard 'Can you read the Snellen chart' and i'm absolutely perfect on everything else (colour perception etc)...i just can't see that well :grin:

    And that almost sounds reasonable doesn't it...until you consider that i can become a Royal Marine with SIII! :shock: If my glasses were to get damaged on tour then i'd have the combat effectiveness of a Lockheed Blackbird! :grin:

    For the record i respect the rules of the service even if i think they're ridiculous in this case. It's not Alton Towers, you can't just go on what you want, i'll just have to make the best of what i've got, no point sulking about it. Thats life...

    Thanks for all the info on SM Logisitics though. I know its a relatively short career on boats but hopefully it'd stand me in good stead when i left to do other Loggie jobs. Maybe once i'm in, if i provide some good service, I could get laser eye surgery and work something out? If not i'll just have to find a girlfriend to spend time with in my shore assignments. :cool: Who knows, i never count myself out of anything as a rule...
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont kid yourself sherminator, I doubt very much if you will be excepted as a Royal marine without perfect eyesight, we use bayonets not white sticks, please go down the recruiting office and correct me, I admire your spirit and would love to stand corrected.
  19. Stand erected you mean! :shock: :twisted:
  20. Re: Why would i need good eyesight for the Submarine Service

    If you really want WO then how about having laser correction? you have to wait a year before applying again I believe.

    From my OHs experience at Raleigh dont go in to a branch your not keen on - he his class a few did because of eye sight and asuch - most have now gone they didnt make it through the trade training as it wasnt what there heart was set on.

    But somethings we cant have are 1st choice so you may just have to accept it.


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