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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watch_and_shoot, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Maybe its just me, but this really grips my sh*t.

    Running into work this morning and Ive passed a squaddie in uniform. Nothing unusual there as there are a couple of Army Regiments based in and around Edinburgh. The thing is, this bloke had on DPM trousers, assault boots, a Norwegian fleece and a dessie combat jacket!!!

    Why, why, feckin why do people insist on mixing DPM with desert kit in the UK? Whether going to or just back from the sand pit, wear the right rig for christs sake!!! It looks hideous when you mix the two.

    Unfortunately I couldnt see which unit this lad was from, as he had his beret stuffed into his pocket and its was still dark. Oh and I was running so fast he went by in a blur!!! :wink:
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They run Army Defence Studies courses at dartmouth. First one in the autumn of 03 included a young Captain in deserts. His smile was soon wiped of by ex Army now Navy staff officer who told him that he was in the wrong rig and booted him out of the Wardroom. Deserts are for the desert...

  3. Is it possible that he belonged to "The first army surplus brigade of Scotland" ?
  4. Hahaha - Slim the thought had crossed my mind, but I am positive this lad was a squaddie. Either that or he was SUPERWALT!!!! 8O
  6. It wasn't our Walt mate Dan who was on a secret mission in Edinburgh via the army surplus store was it? Where i live in the midlands the local "1st Battalion Foot and Mouth Regt" unit are always seen mincing around town in their rig. Forgive me if i'm wrong as i've been out a while but isn't this bad skills in light of current events? I remember having to check and re-check my vehicle before getting into it, and my unit always left barracks wearing civvies until well on the M4 or whatever training area we were visiting at the time!! Makes me bloody mad. Mind you i wouldn't want to be seen in public wearing that capbadge thank you. OOO aren't i bitchy Sorry men pulling up a [email protected] sandbag again.
  7. I absolutely agree. If the guy was a squaddie then it's bad form on two levels, one for mixing rig, a BIG no no. Second for having a bad appreciation for security, I make a serious effort not to wear rig when travelling. And if he was a walt I hope he gets found out and has the S**t kicked out of him, I hate seeing civvies in combats of any kind, I always think "whats the f***ing point"?

    Sorry for the rant all.
  8. Personally I find it incredible that any self respecting service person would be caught dead in rig that was as mixed as that.

    Gets back to the whole standards thing and that just wants to make me pull out my soap box and start venting again. :evil:

  9. Rant appreciated!!
    The main people who wear combat rig up here are the homeless. Mind you i read somewhere that a large proportion of the homeless in the U.K are from a forces background anyway. Who wants to wear that shite anyway? the most comfortable rig the MOD issued were the pussers denims!! The old pussers boots were crap and we were told at one point that we weren't allowed to wear arctic smocks on exercise because they weren't flame retardent. Therefore, sitting in our nice defensive position during an exercise/Brig inspection piss wet through, the Brig and his croanies turn up wearing guess what?? Other than that it was junglies and a buffalo jackets. Probably showing my age there, its that snugpack stuff now isn't it?? Went off on a tangent there didn't I
  10. In Edinburgh I see loads of squaddies in uniform (Regular, Reserve, even cadets) walking to and from their units and in town etc.
    This guy was just hanging around outside the bus station (note the buses her dont take you to any barracks that I know of) so no fckn idea what he was doing.

    In my opinion if you are going to go public in your rig, at least look presentable, ie: Dressed in CS95, Beret on and stable belt if applicable. However as you said - bad drills considering the security threat at present.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for him next week and if he is there and still displaying muchos waltish tendencies, I will clothesline the fckr as i run by him - job done :wink:

    Too long sat on my backside in front of this PC lads - Im off to get a few miles under my belt.

  11. Matelots never wear rig they just talk crap and leave milk churn lid hats in the backs of their cars, then look surprised when you challenge them with "hello Jack" Had one on the train the otherday with "Hearts of Oak" as his ringtone! sad numpty! When he answered it he started talking about 'Jossmen' - bang your dead!
  12. Right, this is getting feckn ridiculous!!!

    Saturday - 1500hrs - Pentlans Hills, Edinburgh. (The Pentlands is partly a Military Training Area next to Dreghorn barracks)

    Im out with the dog yomping as part of my training schedule - Its absolutely freezing cold, strong winds & pissing of rain and we are just rounding the bend at the first peak, heading towards Castlelaw Ranges. Two figures are in the distance walking downhill and approaching me, which I take for civvies (because I could see them a mile away). They start to get closer before the penny drops and then would you believe it, its Percy and his mate - bouncing down the hill wearing no less than standard DPM trousers, assault boots and a fuckin Dessie jacket!!!! A DESSIE JACKET, IN SCOTLAND DURING WINTER!!!!

    Now call me crazy, but its freezing cold, raining and your on exercise in the field, so WHY would you wear a dessie jacket? ………………………....Oh it gets better!!! Both are wearing full CEFO and carrying SA80's with BFA's attached!!! Am, I missing something? They are on a field exercise, carrying weapons, BFA's would insinuate they are carrying out blank firing drills of some description and yet they are wearing dessie jackets. CAM AND CONCEALMENT MY ARRSE!!!!

    What is going on with these people? Are they bragging that they are about to deploy on Ops, are just back from Ops or are they just arseholes who havent a clue? Perhaps they are Super Walts and they were carrying airsort SA80's? 8O 8O 8O

  13. F.F.S
    As i've pointed out during other threads whatever happened to PERSEC?? Was it the same numpty you saw at the bus-stop then spenny? From my experience of mincing around in the cairngorms and various other parts of scotland/Norway/European alps in winter it reinforces the old adage "travel light, freeze at night" If they are on exercise then they should know better as the hurry up and wait syndrome generally kicks in and standing around in desert cams is a poor excuse in my opinion as he's a potential hypotermia casualty.

  14. Different blokes mate.

    Idiots though I swear. Even if they had had more warmers kit than you could shake a big stick at, why do they feel the need to wear dessie kit during winter in Scotland?

    FFS, thats like practising wearing a flunkie before you turn up for the shag. Its just wrong............

  15. Sorry to say it but more fool you mate!! In light of the current climate i wouldn't be wearing any rig whatsoever and would be growing my hair out if i could get away with it!! Mind you it used to fasionable for bootnecks to wear D.B's (desert boots) so i maybe a tad hypocritical. Having said that, i would be even more paranoid about my PERSEC now than when i was a bootneck in the early 1990's. Finally. Q. Do you honestly think that the senior service needs to raise it's profile??
  16. Flunkie (pisses himself laughing) you mean you dont then? Why fcuk around with foreplay especially with some of the classy women i've been with!! Check out Sams in Exmouth.......mmm classy!!

    Getting to the point as i digressed there slightly!! I would be slightly happier if they were wearing junglies as at least it's not mixed rig and alot of UKSF types liked to wear them because they are more comfortable. If these numpties have just returned from a tour in the sand pit then they would be wearing tons of Harry-warmers because funnily enough the UK is fucking freezing compared to the dessert. Except at night that is when it is pretty comparable!! BBBBBRRRRRRRR pulls sandbag nearer the fire and turns it onto full heat!!
  17. Thanks for that. However aren't there AQT cells in Iraq and Afghanistan actively attacking "British forces" as a whole pongo, Matelot, crab, Bootneck (as seen yeasterday R.I.P) I agree that this isn't happening to individual servicemen/women but it has been seen that AQT are an organisation that can evolve to suit themselves. What is there to say that they wont change their tactics?? Why give them the advantage by showing your hand to them, not changing your routines and at a place of their choosing they can attack both civvies and forces personnel with maximum impact.
  18. Quote Nutty_bag "Flunkie (pisses himself laughing) you mean you dont then?"!
    Only when Im having a posh wnak mate!! :wink:

    Junglies are cool. Comfortable, quick drying and still gonna provide the same level of cam and concealment. A sensible option for Spring - Autumn.

    Dessies?.........Why not just put a big fck off neon sign above your suede advertising your presence. Completely uselsss.

    Just remembered - these cnuts had cam cream on too. Blinded by the tan and cream dessie combat jackets but hey dont worry - weve got cam cream on so nobody can see us!!

  19. Been with my missus donkies so dont have a posh wank just 2 pumps and a squirt. Then wipe said veiney vicar on curtain, get back in bed, roll over, fart against her leg a fall asleep :wink: Digressed again!!
    Think however it's time to get your arse out of your hand on this one Spenny me old china and just accept the fact that they are Pongo's who dont have a dhobi after endex and dont wash behind their ears.
  20. Agree to disagree on that one then mate!!

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