Why were Skippers RNR equivalent to Warrant Officers?


Which makes me wonder how someone was supposed to tell the difference between a RNR Warrant Officer and a Skipper RNR.

I know that a few years prior to this (before the war I think); Skippers of Fishing vessels amalgamated with the RNR had one green braid with no curl, Chief Skippers two, and Skipper Lieutenants...I can't quite remember. I wonder what the idea was there?


Warrant Officer was the lowest Commissioned rank and the poorest paid

The Skippers were commanding DEMShips in war-time. The Warrant Officer rank was the
lowest officer grade in the Royal Navy --and the most poorly paid.
Under the Geneva Convention all aboard an armed vessel needed to be in uniform and if captured housed in separate officer and other ranks Camps.
Any photograph of someone wearing a Chief's uniform will be a CPO. Warrant Officers wore one thin ring.

Bit of confusion there on my part. Terribly sorry about that old sport.

What I was in fact referring to there was the Fishery Reserve ( RNR (Trawler Reserve Emergency
Section) Fishery Reserve) which was introduced in 1918 and disbanded in 1921. Only
skippers wore a distinctive uniform which was a CPO RNR uniform with the addition of stripes on the sleeve.