Why We Have Problems with Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Here is an article taken from the Khaleej Times printed in UAE. The Emirates are one of the most Liberal of Arab states and yet in 2007 they are talking about passing and activating laws against Slavery.

    We really are never ever going to reach any accord with a part of the world who's attitudes hark back to the early 19th century. In fact the Abolition of Slavery act was formulated in 1823.

    IMHO we should not even be tolerating them, it is time for UK PLC to withdraw into a more Northern Hemisphere way foreign relations.


  2. What article Nutty :(
    I worked in Riyadh between 1996-2000.
    P x
  3. I think that the article is refering to the exploitation of imported labour, and measures to regulate it. This refers to mainly droves of workers comming in from India and S.E Asia etc. They are heavily exploited, particularly the maids, "entertainment workers" and labourers and thus far their employers and recruiting agencies have been allowed to get away with it.

    I say they should shoot themselves in the foot, ban all foreign labour and then, they can watch their own economy rapidly go down the tubes while they sit back and wring their indolent, never grafted hands.
  4. Click the link Slavery
  5. Soz 0600 have got tired mishap?
    Saudi Arabian law is obsolete! Their human rights abuses are there for all and sundry to look at. Nobody looks at that because of the Oil! Zimbabwe is suffering in a similar way but, nobody wants to know because they don't have oil? Who is nobody?? The UN? Isn't that who we should look onwards and upwards too? Shouldn't they be an all encompsing whisper over everything international? Nope!
    Bang on the UAE for doing something, but how much backbone will it earn with the rest of the world? Am confused now Mr Blair, eh Bush, eh Brown...all those 'B' words are sounding toether something?
    END OF!!!
  6. Once again, and it's easy to do, the question is asked,"Why we have a problem with Muslims?" I personally don't think we do. But a lot of the Muslims who have moved here, really have a problem with us and our way of life. We must stop being negative in our own defence, if people don't like it here or our ways..........................................Cheerio.
  7. You hit the nail right on the head mate... We are getting far too liberal in our viewpoints, always coming up with an excuse for someones shortcomings and animosity towards us.. How pathetic is that!!!!
  8. What the real problem is that we have not yet managed to resolve all the problems that resulted fro a certain Mr Prinzip shooting a visting head of state back in 1914. Those pistol shots are still reverberating around the world today.
  9. I worked there 83-94, evidence of this was the amount of Filipino 'maids' coming in through the airport to be placed with families. It was stopped by the President of the Phillipines, for a while, a few years later when suspicions arose over their treatment.

    One of the Saudis I worked with stated to we Expats, that as 'we pay you, therefore you are our slaves' - suffice it to say he was soon put into the picture !

    For all its modernity, there is a lot of 'living in the past' in KSA, it probably does not help that each senior Prince is a veritable ruler of his own province.

    Having said this, I enjoyed my time there (tax free status, travel, accomodation etc) and the majority of Saudis that I met and worked with, but I would not go back now, primarily because of the unrest being more serious than it was during time I was there.
  10. What would be interesting (IMO) to know is whether views and practices that seem to us to be backward/abhorrent are a direct result of Islam or the product of countries that are economically and socially underdeveloped, and which happen to be Islamic. In other words, is Islam the root cause of such views/practices or just coincidentally juxtaposed with them?
  11. One of my observations in the Gulf was that many of them treated the Westerner in the way the colonial administrators had treated them, in other words they now had the money and power and used it to great effect. Be the guest of a sheik and one was treated extremely well, be in front of him in the street and your turn for the gutter. Perhaps some of it is simply us reaping what we sowed.
  12. Another easy question. Why the catholic questions - pedodphiles and abortion when raped??
  13. The first seems to apply to the C of E as well and the abortion one did too just a few years ago, Catholicism though has always had to be dragged screaming into the last century.
  14. I wouldn't call this Human Trafficking as they youngsters concerned are not being exploited. It is either their parents or relatives who are sending them here who are exploiting our good nature and social services.
  15. Nutty,

    There may be a number of problems with this, aside from the Oil Question (or problem), most notably British hypocrisy. Britain still allowed a form of bonded labour that closely resembled slavery until the mid-1920s in many of its colonies. Also the Muslim concept of slavery may be evolving in a similar way to the Christian concept has been for the last couple of decades: namely direct references promoting slavery in these books are nowerdays being misrepresented as bonded labour or contract labour, thus allowing religious conservatives to still claim to be literally living by scripture whilst not wishing to appear to promote the enslavement of others. In this context then it would be understandable for a a high ranking Saudi to regard his employees as "slaves", despite appearing to be an anacronistic atavism.


    PS: Are you in Mazarron at present or still touring the Infidel Lands (ie Britain)?
  16. Why are those children who arrived in Slough still in the country? The government should return them to Romania ASAP
  17. Ive got no problems with Muslims,they seem to have a problem with me by wanting to blow themselves up and destroying this country!!
  18. (getting back to the original question)

    A. There's too many of them ?? :?

    :lol: INCOMING!
  19. You won't get any incoming from me (even if you are a Scouser :) ) There are indeed too many being allowed to enter the country illegally. Knowing that the UK is a soft touch how many of the illegals are also hard liners and either are already or can be converted to terrorists?
    What is more annoying is that those whom have been identified as having links with terrorism cannot be deported because the country that they originated from (normally an Islamic one) is unsafe for the to return to.
    Solution they sign a form to either return voluntarily to their country of origin, find another Muslim country willing to accept them or sign a document agreeing to their internment. Never happen in PC UK

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