Why was Jackson not found guilty? - Read this.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Wouldn't have thought "Rent-a-Wreck" was a good name for a car rental business personally :?
  2. Funny how the allegations are surfacing now he's shuffled off this mortal coil and can't defend himself - 2 of the red tops on Sunday publishwd articles - allegedly by the same kid made much more serious allegations of sexual abuse. As for the mother allowing him free access to MJ, she needs her arse kicking.
  3. If he was found not guilty one can only assume that the jury decided that there was not enough truth in the evidence against him to convict. The alternative can only be that Jackson managed to bribe enough of the jurors to swing the case. Now considering the very aggressive stance taken by the public prosecutor in that case I woiuld have thought that if he had thought there was any way of getting Jackson back in court he would have tried it, after all his reputation depended by then on getting Jackson and he failed.

    Just perhaps both sets of allegations against Jackson were scams
  4. When i read that i found it rather disturbing, if it was that concerning the kid should have said something as soon as possible, but he didnt, i personally reckon that it is a cover up

    But he was not found guilty in the end, knowone knows if he did or not but MJ himself and the kid. The allergations look serius

    i dont know what to beleive, it swings both ways

  5. So did MJ :lol:
  6. i had a feeling that was coming :lol: :lol:

    i have been looking at past articles about the allagations

    first of all...the kid was from a poor family ( indication he was in this for money)

    it also says he was a person with behavior problems... idiots like this like to stir it up. His farther abused him,indication that his father has forced him into doing these allagations.
  7. A multi millionaire with minders who's car has broken down, goes to rent a wreck :)

    The same guy that had Toys R Us open up during the silent hours so the kid could buy what he wanted

    Wow many free weekends at Never land jetted round the world, holidays in Monaco unlimited spending money AND a free BJ The ungrateful git :)

    You could not make this up, well someone did! I suppose having your OWN £20M is better than leeching of someonelses

    Jack McH
  8. Yes, personally when I'm accused of being a kiddie fiddler my first response is to pay the family of the alleged victim $US 25,000,000 rather than spend the same amount of money on the best legal team available to once and for all quash rumours and accusations about my sexual proclivities.
    No one else?
    Just me and Jacko then.
    Great minds think alike obviously. :roll:
  9. Sorry, but a resounding 'No' ! 8O ....Many clauses in law allow for reduction of criminal charges often sought through a bargaining process rather than a straightforward account of the facts.Chances are, MJ was telling the truth, only the world doesn't buy it so easily when it's good, not bad news.....Call it nothing more than a lesser of the two evils if a deal was struck. Nothing to do with the truth but a response to the complexities of a case. This is not unique to MJ by any stretch and his having to deflect moneygrabbing attacks took it's toll no doubt.

    MJ being who he was and what he tried to do FOR people, left himself wide open to such claims, often from families who benefited from his charity and saw the Golden Egg beckoning.These are well-documented, we all know that.USA is one of the world's leading countries on litigations issues and people sue companies for trivialities.

    In the 90's there was a documentary about the first kid pressured by his PARENTS into accusing MJ and he refused at age 13. Any programme about Hollywood parents reveals all sorts of nasty stuffbecause alot of them use their kids for money and fame. It's sickening. :roll:

    As for the 'article' -proves sweet F.A. Was it printed in a newspaper if so, how credible? The media can be one of the biggest medians of evil because it reaches a massive audience and so many times fiction parades as fact - read a paper for a week and write down how many bits of positive versus questionable news is printed.99% bunkum.

    Bunch of immoral fcuktards because they are in a prime position to search for and actively report the truth and they so often go for sensationalism instead. :evil:
  10. I'm with you on this Tally! 8)

    I would add, regarding the earlier comment about delay of abused children coming forward, is NOT a sign that the child is lying. Most abuse victims cannot discuss it and feel guilty as though they were the perpetrator and not the victims. In Jackson's case there seem to be too many pushy-greedy-selfish parents who push their desire for fame and fortune ABOVE the interests of their children.

    End of Micro-Rant. :x
  11. Whilst I admit that the parents of children who recieved payments from Jackson should have their heads examined or be had up for abuse themselves for placing their children in the unsupervised care of a person with a such a dubious history, you can call me a cynic but I will always be of the opinion that he got away with it.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Much as people seem to make allegations after the death of an individual - possibly because they cannot be sued, it would be true to say that many had grave reservations about Jackson whilst he was alive with regards his sanity & rumblings of alleged child abuse. Jackson still had a fairly large fan-base whilst alive, which has magically grown since his demise. Doubtless Gary Glitter will continue to have fans of his music, if not his proven vile conduct.

    The death of an individual often seems to cloud judgement it seems, particularly if they are well-known. There are now people kicking around that seem to think Hitler wasn't all that bad after all, despite evidence to the contrary.
  13. Whilst there os no doubt that MJ was a weirdo, was he a real kiddie fiddler, well may be ye, mat be no. Yes he had the opportunities, opportunities he created himself, but despite the money that was and could be made from accusing him only two cases were ever brought, something which is quite surprising considering the money that was sitting on the table just waiting for another court case. Why did the parents of so many kids on seeing a gravy train even better than the Palace of Westminster drawing into their station not get on.

    My mind is open on this one though I suspect we will now never know the real truth, and many would only accept a full confession from MJ as the truth so the muttering and finger pointing will go on.
  14. Very wierd,but maybe its the gohst of some poor twat thats had wackos meat truncheon slapped up his/her duckrun,one never knows, :twisted:
  15. Ghosts - that's even bigger shit than the kid confessing.

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