Why was HMS Dehli in Riga in 1922

Discussion in 'History' started by Pteranadon, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine asked if anyone knew why HMS Dehli was in Riga in 1922 and why the big crowds. Any explanations?


    Incidentaly this chap is a very keen amateur historian as well as a talented computer programmer. His website has a good dreadnaught simulator including fire control equipment simulations.

  2. Dehli was part of the Baltic Squadron that was stationed in the Baltic to protect the interests of the independant Baltic states and a guard against the Red Russian [Bolshevik] influences. Riga is in Latvia

    Dehli was flagship - the Baltic Squadron was severely affected by mutinous and discontent on the lower decks. Lots of deserters etc.
    Mainly due to the lack of shore facilities and no permanent base.
    The Baltic freezes in the winter!! and of course the lure of the communist
    promises of equality.

    It certainly put the wind up the Admiralty -cos they started to introduce better conditions for the lower deck in 1922
  3. These 'bettter conditions' should be coming soon then?
  4. The govt of the day even sent an Expeditionary force to assist the Whte russians against the reds.

  5. The 1922 improvements were concessions for Naafi to open canteens ashore and the formation of a ships canteen comittee for welfare and also monies for recreational purposes.
    The RN benevolent Trust was formed aswell.

    Bad news was the fleet being over manned from the war time complements .They decided to cut pay in 1923 and allowances in 1924

    Then in 1925 they reduced the pay for new entries --serving people stayed aswas .Thats when they had the Invergordon Mutiny --

    The white Russian assistance given by the RN didn't amount to much!!
  6. Invergordon Mutiny 1931 see;


    close but not close enough

  7. Nutty read the script and play the part -- :lol: :lol:

    The pay cuts from 1925 and the combined cuts in the 1930 slump foisted on the Navy were a direct cause of the Invergordon mutiny.

    Interesting times anyway
  8. well...there was an Armoured Car squadron manned by former members of the RN Divn in the Great War for starters.

    seem to recall reading a tiny scrap about it in PRESIDENT's literature.

    Lee Shaver

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