why they wouldn't have me

didn't want to high-jack the URNU/RNR post any further so below ( and no doubt will be added to with less than helpful remarks) reasons I'd never get in to the RNR:

I'm unfit
I'm a single mother
I'm dyslexic
I was kicked out of Raleigh after a month and four days when I joined the regulars at 16

apart from that I feel I'm an A one candidate for the RNR




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Get fit!
I was a single father of 2 for quite a while and the RN didn't kick me out.
Dyslexia is no bar to joining and a recognised learning difficulty in the RN
I expect you have grown up a bit since you were kicked out as a kid.

However! Reflect on why you were kicked out to be sure you want back in!


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wompingwillow said:
I'm unfit

Fixable, what do you mean by unfit?

I'm a single mother

So? Yes it means that meeting the training commitment might be difficult, but there is no reason not to. fwiw two of the strongest people I know are single mothers.

I'm dyslexic

Didn't stop me getting into the regular service.

I was kicked out of Raleigh after a month and four days when I joined the regulars at 16.

Since then you've had a lot more life experience, and you're an instructor in the SCC. As long as you can discuss this openly, and show that you've moved on, then I don't see it as an issue.
I was 35 when I joined the RNR, and a father of three. I hadn't done any exercise to speak of since I left school at 16 and hadn't lifted anything heavier than a pint. It took me a while and a lot of hard work but I got through the basic training (and actually enjoyed it). I am a single parent, and bring my children up on my own. I do get help from my family when I go away with the RNR. If you really want to join I am sure you can do it. At your age you'll be a mere sprog in the RNR. Good luck.
WW, stop looking for reason why the RNR won't have you, and think of all the reasons why they WILL have you, and i'm sure you'll be just fine ;)


WW, I'm trying not to purely be an echo to what others have said, I'm sure you'll get in the RNR no problem at all.

All youve got to do to get into the RNR is a very easy jog on a treadmill. Then youve got a year to pass your PT tests, which should be enough time.

secondly about you being kicked out of Raleigh, can you identify the reasons why you were kicked out? If so, coupled with the fact that you are an SCC instructor, you can show that you have matured since being 16.

I don't know personally about dyslexia and being a single mother but i would have thought that they cant discriminate, and going by what others have said, they won't.

Just remember that being a single mother may mean pressure on you. It wont be a reason why they don't want you, but can you give up a night a week the occasional weekend and two full weeks a year?
I'm sure that if you really want to join the RNR or navy, you can.

You will do fine, I knew of a guy who got booted out of RN basic at 16 and the last time I saw him he was a Flight Sergeant in the RAF careers office (this was in the early 90's).

As for dyslexia they can work round it and there are plenty of single parents in the forces and emergency service so you can work round that as well.

I'm still struggling with my RNR application at the mo as I am flat hunting before I get evicted (landlady is selling house) and I'm going through the recruitment process for the railway.

Good luck Wompers

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