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I was just browsing through RR, just passing the time, when it suddenly occurred to me that what I was reading surely cannot be right - people are actually waiting to join the RN, and may have to wait up to 6 months? Why? Can't Raleigh handle the numbers passing through the gate? Is there a training bottle-neck somewhere else down the line? Is there a DV delay?

Why do we on the waterfront have to manage with gaps and future manpower 'black-holes' when there are people queuing up to join the Mob? Surely the attrition rate of those waiting (ie having been accepted by the RN but awaiting a joining date) is directly proportional to the waiting time - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Having passed through Raleigh recently - 20+ years after having been there as an AA - it seemed to me to be extremely quiet. I was informed that only a small percentage of Raleigh's core business these days is the New Entry process - is this the reason why there are manning issues at the waterfront?

I realise that I may be just venting my spleen here, but any statistical data (unlikely) or anecdotal evidence from recruiters such as Ninja would be most welcome.
yeah ive been waiting 100 days to start raleigh and ive still got 88 days left!!!! i thought id only have to wait like 3/4 weeks, so il try and get a cancelation


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Missed the original post.

In simple terms, yes, some candidates can wait up to 2 years to get an entry date. It's governed by the amount of courses being run, the amount of places on each course & the number of people available to train them.

In simplistic terms it's a case of capacity at phase one & two training establishments. To increase capacity would increase cost.

It's always been the case- 26 years ago I waited over twelve months to join as an MEM and Raleigh were processing 100 new joiners per week, which was capacity at that time. Capacity is now considerably less, but then, so is the all-up figure of personnel required.

Until more money is made available to increase training capacity, it will remain as it is. Doubtless we lose candidates because they have to wait, but generally it's a guage of motivation. We encourage people at school & college/uni to apply before they leave so as the job is waiting for them. The vast majority of applicants do not apply until AFTER they have left school & are unemployed.

The shortest waiting time is generally around 3 months, due in part to the time it takes to get through all sections of the selection process & obtain security clearance.
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