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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Alex968, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. RN Recruitment Ad's

    So seen as every know's that theres a hell of alot of people applying for the RN and the waiting times are long (i posted my application for RT test the day i got it and have to wait 2 and a half month's to actually sit the thing).

    Why am i still seeing RN recruitment ad's on the TV..
  2. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Why not?
  3. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    I wondered that too :)
    I couldnt understand why they were advertising for more recruits when they already have more than enough people applying!.
  4. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    There was something about this a while back, the adds aren't actually aimed at people joining up right now. But are aimed at school kids, 13-15. So the RN is on their ' Radar ' when they leave school etc.
  5. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    well they must be wasting money for one thing, and they do not need more people to apply as they have a large backlog as it is, i think they could hold off on the advertising for now. Anything that has the potential to make my wait shorter :twisted:
  6. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Trigger 92 - makes a lot of sense...
  7. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    argh i cant tell wether that was sarcastic or not, but it makes no sense to me, they can 'aim' for that target age group all they want but the adverts are still going to be seen by older people who may be tempted by them into thinking about a career in the RN
  8. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Because not every applicant and recruit will get through and because people are constantly leaving. Also, as Trigger says, sowing the seed early is the best way.

    Not rocket science is it? It's perpetual, if you stop, there will be issues further down the line.

    I suspect you aren't joining one of the more switched on branches.
  9. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Here we are. . .

    [quote='Ninja-Stoker"]Whilst the opinion on the advert is subjective, the advert isn't aimed at me, those joining now, those currently serving or those who have left - when you think of it, the prime target are those in years 9 to 11 of secondary education, in other words 13-16 year olds - The "COD4 brigade" - personally I think it hits the mark, doubtless others would disagree. The idea is product placement - once your average 18-21 year old finishes their education, we want to be on their radar.

    With regard advertising & cost - we spend about £7,500 per candidate to get them into training - this includes advertising. The Army spend nearly double that, the RAF 50% more.

    In 1992/3 we stopped recruiting & advertising completely for a short period - it left a "black hole" within the rank structure which is only just being recovered- not through advertising, but because of a recession.

    We are currently targeting recruits for the future when the economy maybe a whole lot different to today, so whilst those currently trying to join are faced with a two year wait, we cannot afford to take our foot off the gas in case the economy picks-up & we are once again in fierce competition with civilian employers[/quote]

  10. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    See trigger92's post, which fully explains the reasons behind the advertisments and has nothing to do with current applicants, oh and cut the attitude matey or you could find it hard once you do get in. :roll:
  11. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Alex968 - Ad's?, AD'S?? -WTF is that all about? Another phantom apostrophe user. Like all these morons that try to sell Fish and Chip's on the piers. Or as I saw the other day, cabbage's!!! I kid you not!

    SORT IT OUT!!!!
  12. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    sorry if i came across as having a bad attitude, i am merely a little disgruntled , my problem. but still if they ceased the tv advertising for a little while i thought it would not cause such a problem as it did before as there is a huge backlog at the moment, thus that backlog would keep people joining in a steady stream with no need for the advertising right now.
  13. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    The advertising is for the RN's benefit not yours. You might see a backlog as a problem, to the RN it is great news. The sausage factory of matelots is always full. Comprende?
  14. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    A little off focus but just wondering, how come i dont see Army or RAF Adverts?

    Oh and during my interview, the guy told me much less people were leaving than usual.
  15. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    The you're not watching the right channels, there's plenty of them. And they are all over lads mags too.

    This has been all over TV for about two years:

    Army ad

    As has this:
    Crab advert
  16. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Alex 968: No mate not meant to be sarcastic at all, just seemed to make sense aiming for the younger set even though I know lads and lasses a lot older want to go into the Andrew.
  17. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Tiny cog, big machine.
  18. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Simples really...........6 months until school/college/uni students officially leave education..............6 months to target an advertising campaign in their direction............
  19. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    Woah nice, you should get paid to talk to people like that on the internet.
  20. Re: RN Recruitment Ad's

    He does, I'm giving him a fiver for having the patience to type that which I couldn't be arsed.

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