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Why the name change?


In a sudden fit of nostalgia, I had a look at the Sea Cadets website yesterday.

I was rather surprised to see that my old unit TS Seagate, has changed it's name to TS Argyle. Anyone know why?


Lantern Swinger
one explaination could be the unit closed its doors due to lack of funds.

then someone opened a new unit in the same town with a new name?

or you could just ask them :)

I've seen this happen before, when an affiliated ship decommissioned and the Sea Cadet Unit renamed to the name of a ship in commission, thus producing a new affiliation and a new chance to get the cadets some visits, sea time and help from the Ship's Co. Likely that's the case here - smart move by the SC, IMO!


Lantern Swinger
we are TS Danae and were affiliated to HMS Chesterfield, then HMS Danae and more recently HMS Grafton. (we were named after the capured prizeship from france not the Exocet Leander Class Frigate).

and the only time i have known a unit to change its name is when its closed and reopened some time later - the unit names are picked by SCC HQ.



War Hero
I went to TS AJAX in swansea .HMS AJAX was paid off swansea kept the name AJAX but its sponsored ship was HMS ARETHUSA.That was paid off place is still called TS AJAX in joined up and i have no idea if the unit is still running and if it is what its ship is . Anyone help ?


Lantern Swinger
No worries Deeps - give the unit a call 1st but trust me - all units LOVE visits from ex cadets who serve or have served....

we always make our visitors most welcome.



Jarrow's Sea Cadet unit is TS Raleigh - we changed from TS Parnesius back in the 1960s.

We recently looked into changing our name but were told no. :(


Lantern Swinger
My old unit was TS Belton (affiliated to the old Ton Class Minesweeper). When the Liverpool was commissioned we applied to SCC HQ to have our name changed to TS Liverpool as she was our affiliated ship, and the unit remains that to this day.


War Hero
Tartan_Terrier said:
In a sudden fit of nostalgia, I had a look at the Sea Cadets website yesterday.

I was rather surprised to see that my old unit TS Seagate, has changed it's name to TS Argyle. Anyone know why?
The uniyi was inyears was and still has two names basicaly .You can still see the kids with either LEEDS SCC OR TS ARK ROYAL on thier caps .the ark royas has always been affiliated to Leeds
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