Why the EU is good for you

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nutty, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Get a load of this you little Englander sceptics


  2. I fear most of the anti EU mob think such ideas are fundamentaly bad any way, so will not be that impressed.
  3. Standardisation no bad thing, EU takeover of our Parliament a very bad thing.

    Strange that the usual cry of 'the EU brought us peace and prevented Russkie invasion' isn't among the 10.
  4. the BBC doing the goverment spin perhaps ?

  5. One of the problems has been that every time we have thought we have managed to create an open internal market countries have found ways of tilting the balance in their favour, this in turn means more and more regulation and does inevitably result in an equalisation of lawmaking.

    Most of the countries have found ways of doing a bit of tilting and the UK is not any more innocent in that area than anyone else. Where we tend to fail is that because we tend to hold back from showing unbridled political support for the concept we get side stepped by particularly France and Germany when we should be planning ahead and doing the same to them.

    By the way it was NATO that stopped the Ruskies, the EU only prevented internal war
  6. I hate the Bias of the BBC - they dont report news they propagandise. As an example, the very last point pollution - before we even considered the EU as opposed to the common market, the following Royal Commissions had occurred regarding pollution and legislation followed:

    5th report Air Pollution Control: An Integrated Approach Cmnd 6371, January 1976
    4th report Pollution Control: Progress and Problems Cmnd 5780, December 1974
    3rd report Pollution in Some British Estuaries and Coastal Cmnd 5054, September 1972
    2nd report Three Issues in Industrial Pollution Cmnd 4894, March 1972
    First Report Cmnd 4585, February 1971

    Does anyone really believe the UK couldn't adequately legislate for food labelling, equal pay, paid leave, consumer protection etc. without the interference of a Big European Brother, employing tens of thousands of bureaucrats costing Europe about 150 billion a year, a system run by an unelected commission that is incapable of finding accountants bent enough to agree its accounts?

    If you want to read an interesting article about BBC Bias try this:

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