Why so Long ???

I've just been reading one of the other threads and the question of time from application to appointment was raised.

Snappers said her process took 9 months and that was quick!

How can this be? Why does it now take so long?

I know we have more security vetting than we used to have, but that doesn't need to take months.

When I joined in 1983 I first set foot in the careers office one morning in March. Having sat the tests and been interviewed by the CPO I got my hand shook, a brown envelope placed in the other hand and told me to get my arse to the Dr surgery across the other side of town that afternoon. Went for my medical, Dr put another brown envelope back in my hand and told me to deliver it back to the CPO - I did the same day.

Can't remember what the fitness test was but that doesn't take that long anyway.

I then joined on 18th July - from March to July = about 19 weeks, 4.5 months, so why does a quick application now take twice as long?

Red tape?? Less staff to manage the recruiting process?? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


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It took me 12 weeks from initial interview to joining Dartmouth.

However as far as Raleigh is concerned I think that the courses are loaded by branch, so in some branches it can be quite quick and in others it'll be quite a wait, depending on requirement for the branch, demand for that branch and scheduling of the various courses going through at the time.

In one way I can see that as sensible. It means that cohorts go through basic and professional training without having to fill gash hand billets whilst they wait on a course to start, one of the big criticisms of the Deepcut review, and it also means that the salary cost of the individual through to trained strength is lower.

The problem is that long wait could be quite demotivating for some.
Security clearance times are a bit of a joke. I passed out at Raleigh (as RNR) without being security cleared and it only finally came through after I had completed my 518 & 547 courses to get me up to trained strength.

I should count myself lucky that they let me do the training without it but the whole process took 18 months FFS!


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That's a long time for SC, I know of someone whose DV took 18 months, but that's unusual. SC should only take 2 to 3 months.