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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pondwater, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. If little things please little minds, Then why does T.B. like prezza... :?:
  2. Why do people with no mechnial expreance try and "faith heal" their cars by the side of the road?
  3. Why Oh Why do serving sailors think the day you are discharged from the RN your brain is wiped clean?

  4. Why do you never see baby seagulls?
    Why do you automaticaly assume someone with a brummy or scouse accent is stupid?
  6. Why do the seagulls always shite on my cockpit canapy ?
  7. Why do I always grip the armrests and pull upwards while taking off.

    And why do they say that shitehawks are dead chief stokers.

  8. Why do I feel at home in the London Underground?
  9. Because you're a tramp??
  10. why do people become reggies?????

  11. Because you wannabee a submariner.

  12. Because they only take failures (from other branches).
  13. The RN does not have Traffic Wardens!
  14. 'fraid not, mate! :lol:

    I was coming up Westminster tube station today and thinking how wonderful it was. All that grey concrete and raw steel. I really need to buy my own grey concrete bunker and live in it! Concrete, steel, flourescent strip lighting, bunks.... :D
  15. Lingai wroteWhy do you never see baby seagulls?why dont you come and live by me,theres fcucking thousand of them,3 on my roof.
  16. Hig he knows little cos in BangCock they have all been eaten. I lived in Brighton for three months June/July/Aug. every roof has at least 1 baby seagull who mum and dad scream at spending 24 hours a day trying to knock off the roof to get him to fly out and gather his own scran. Mean while the little shit screams blue murder cos mumsy and daddy are not feeding him. The noise is indescribable.


    Lingy. Now if you are talking baby pigeons who has seen a wild one of them?
  17. I too can vouch for baby pigeons,i worked in three aircraft hangars on squadrons when i worked here with the RAF,hundreds of pigeons in the rafters, only saw a baby one once,lying on the deck dead,never ever saw alive one.

  18. Are you sure it wasn't the 'Gay Pride' march or a local 'couple' having a spat?
  19. Apparently (according to an anorak I have the acquaintance of) baby pigeons only emerge from the nest when they are about the same size as their mums - so you could be seeing hundreds and not know you are .....
  20. .......is there a few people on the list to the left but no one in Lil's? 8s

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