Why oh why did I buy a white car?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by MaiBelle, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have any good tips/advice on how to remove dried on fly remains from paintwork? While washing my car today I couldn't even come close to removing the dried remains of many many insects and it's messing up the finish!
  2. I have a white one but its a micra so truth be told it looks more attractive with some crap on it :p do you have a power washer? Or elbow grease should do it with a big sponge and some car wash liquid? Or perhaps just drive through the drive through many times. I would offer better advice but i find it a challenge remembering how to unscrew the petrol cap let alone all this fancy stuff
  3. Does it matter which cillit bang you use? I have the bathroom/limescale one if that's likely to do the trick?

    I tried the scrubbing with a sponge route but these flies are very stubborn...I've never put a car through a car wash as they do cause scratching...power washer might do the trick but I'd have to buy one.
  4. another option is to go to longleat and drive through the monkey bit, they'll probably peel the flies off :p might be more effort and expense then the sensible suggestion mind
  5. Well a day out in Longleat would be fun :D but I think the monkey's might rip off bits of car along with the flies...or I might be on the evening news for breaking down in the lion enclosure. :|
  6. Longleat is amazing, although yeah not ideal breaking down in the lions bit and indeed anything somewhat removable will be taken by the cheeky monkeys :p i am guessing there is a reason but the cars the workers drive are zebra print, whyyy- animals eat them!

    A shammy is quite good for keeping a car shiny i think.
  7. You could always pop into your local Halfords where they sell gunk specifically designed to remove fly shit, tar etc. Not the cheapest option but it does work without damaging the paintwork.
  8. Scratch remover like T Cut does the job as well.
  9. Soak the little buggers first. If you use a power washer be REALLY careful of all the other bits and pieces, like door and window openings!

    You used to be able to get stuff called 'Bug Off' but it might just have been for bike scree ns and helmet visors - so long ago I can't remember.
  10. I've tried the special bug remover sprays before but never had much success with them...maybe I need to leave it on for longer as I just sprayed and wiped.
  11. If no chemicals work, try a chipping hammer.
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  12. Wire brush and phosphoric acid.

    Works every time :slow:
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  13. :| I think I could have specified removing the flies but leaving the paint intact!
  14. Just kidding. :tongue:

    I'm pretty sure you can still buy a sponge which is enclosed in a sort of mesh, (think fishnet stockings), which works quite well with normal car shampoo; it just needs a bit more effort.
  15. Is that with the paint still attached to the car?

  16. Then finish off with wire wool.
  17. I go with Fishhead...........Halfords do a spray that shifts flies and bugs and stuff.......used to use it a lot when I had a company car and claimed it against expenses.
  18. It's strange how flies hang about on the motorway just waiting for a white car to commit suicide on.
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Use fire. Lovely, glorious fire.
  20. I think a trip to Halfords is in order...

    Blackrat...you scare me deeply... I'm not coming to a BBQ at yours :|

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