why not to drive a small car ***WARNING** (bit grim)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. got this from hubby's transit site -
    hats off to nutty _b who deals with this............

    is a bit rough so DONT LOOK IF EATING

    edit removed cause of bad feeling

    v sorry :oops:
  2. Even in DL's your posting is completely unacceptable. The Moderator should remove it forthwith. If it stays I go! :evil:
  3. I'm medical and work round the world, currently in Iraq, I've got some grim phots but I don't really think any normal person needs to see those pictures.

    They benefit no one, not even de-sensitised trauma monkies like myself

    In fact I would suggest that anyone back from the current theatres of operations would rather not have charred bloodied body parts flashed on their computer screens

    Moderators should cut this sh=t out
  4. Totally agree get rid of this morbid crap Moderator
  5. She can delete it herself, if she has any sense.
  6. I used to work in health and safety, where I had to investigate accidents like that. If you think the phots are bad I can assure you the real thing is a thousand times worse. I would love to forget the things I've seen and would urge anyone thinking of opening that link not to.

    No offence Brazen but the phots are a tad strong.
  7. I've not actually seen Brazen Hussies photographs, but I'm guessing from the title of the thread that it involved a car accident. Well, I've seen some grim photographs of car accidents and you can only guess what I did. Yes, I started to drive sensibly.

    In my younger and more stupid days I was quite happy to get behind the wheel of a car with a few beers inside me, and to reach 110 mph on a public road was FUN! We used to pull 180 handbrake turns and wheelspins in a disused car-park, and just generally drive around like reckless 17-year old c*cks. Now, I'm ashamed of my poor behaviour, and if I could turn back the clock I would. But not even writing off my own car in an accident smashing into the back of a Saab Estate brought me to my senses. Not even a speeding ticket for doing 63 mph on a 40 mph road. It was actually some shots of various car accidents and the mess that made me see sense. I don't drink-drive anymore, nor do I use the public roads as a racecourse. I drive like a boring old fart sober at the speed-limit.

    I think young drivers should be shown such pictures as a matter of course, to stop them acting like prats and encourage them to drive safely. People should be made to see the consequences of a road accident, consequences that could have been avoided if only somebody was thinking straight.
  8. Peter, if it took that sort of photograph to make you drive sensibly then you must have been pretty thick-skinned. Remember that this forum is open to the public; it may just be body parts to you, but a relative may happen upon it. The corpse is quite recognisable. Would you want to see such a photograph of a loved-one of yours?
  9. Remember the time up at WARCOP in Cumbria not far from camp.

    Two adults and one small child. Traffic was actually slowing down for a good look see. This was the days before the mobile phone camera. What a thing we have opened up instant ghouls at your doorstep no doubt there is a web site someplace where anything can be shown for those entertained that way.

    On the mountain bike this afternoon everything was fine until I hit civilisation. The country lane knobs. Would have loved that shite in the green car to have stopped a few yards along the land. Brushing my clothing with a vehicle does not make one a happy bunny.
  10. I `ve recently seen someone hounded off a busy forum after posting those pictures … nuff said.
  11. anyone want to see the pictures of an amazing train smash.

    i cooked it up great for me and the kids for tea

  12. OK BH. Forgotten.

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