Why no comment on North Korea?

I do hope Mr Bush knows where North Korea is located having once stated he was going to go visit London and maybe also England sometime.

Thing is I have just double dug the allotment up on the mountain also known as bastard trenching coz it is a bastard of a job.

And I would hate for the Bush organisation to drop any of that heavy stuff on my patch of earth.
It's a cliche but we can't put the genie back in the bottle. TN weapons exist and we can't un-invent them. Communists or not, it hardly seems likely that N Korea will use it as a self assured suicide bargaining chip. More likely they would use it as a disincentive to anyone interfering with or threatening them. They might give or sell it to our local not so friendly terrs but that doesn't simplify their means of deploying it. If we then start worrying about their export of RA material; well, where do we start and who do we start with?

I personally feel no more concern over these boys having the weapon than I do the Israelis.
I think China's response has been very interesting indeed. Normally they would be the first to defend the NKs so you have to ask why not this time.

Could it be that they are 'banking' this good political credit with the US in preparation for their defence of the Iranians when they go nuclear - and it is only a matter of 'when', not 'if' - ?

It would seem odd at first for China to 'sacrifice' their culturally closer NK cousins in favour of placing Tehran under their P5 umbrella, but China depends on Iranian oil more than the rest of the world and has been very busy building pipelines...
Well, they actually did it. The U.N. Security council voted unanimously to impose sanctions (the Chinese insisted they be "watered down somewhat").
Can't wait to see what the psychotic little pygmy does next.details here


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Duty rumour its kicking off April the second!!!!!!
(Info Wars - February 2018)
Yank announced it so it has to be true. I hear tell all US citizens are watching episodes of Chuck Norris and John Wayne to top up on how to be a war hero!!!!!


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And April 2 is one day after . . .?
Apart from it being SWMBO's birthday - 2/4 was also synonymous with 1982 and and the day we Fraggle Rock residents were evacuated after a WW2 bomb being found. We also moved house many times on the 2nd April. First of April is a doddle in comparison!!!! :rolleyes:


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Necro thread record? >11 years.

Not complaining, I’m admiring.
It's the new thread creation facility. It offers suggestions to threads already in existence before you create a new one. ( Something some newbies might find useful)
I must admit to a little smile when I saw how old it was :)

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